Is Nick Dunlap Related To Scott Dunlap? Family Tree

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The two golfers, Nick Dunlap and Scott Dunlap, are not related. Nick might be perceived as Scott’s son, but the veteran golfer has no kids and isn’t married.

The University of Alabama’s golf player, Nick Dunlap, has made history by becoming the first amateur player in 33 years to win a PGA Tour. The last person to do so was Phil Mickelson in 1991.

Nick Dunlap Pictured During The Country Club Of North Carolina Event In 2021
Nick Dunlap Pictured During The Country Club Of North Carolina Event In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

Right after Nick was crowned the winner, he immediately went to hug his parents, Jim and Charlene. His parents aren’t golf players and never pushed him to become one. 

The 20-year-old claimed victory with a 72-hole record-low winning score of 29 under 259. He became the youngest winner in the event’s history and the youngest amateur to win on the tour since 1910.

Is Nick Dunlap Related To Scott Dunlap?

The golf’s newest star, Nick Dunlap, has no relation to the established golf player Scott Dunlap. Scott Dunlap has never talked much about his family, but at this point, when Nick has given several interviews, he has never mentioned having an established golfer in his family. 

Born and raised in Alabama, Nick Dunlap is the only child of his parents, Jim and Charlene Dunlap. Nick’s father, Jim Dunlap, also known as James Dunlap, is a Middle Tennessee State University graduate. 

After graduation, Jim worked as a general manager at General Motors and later worked at FANUC America Corporation as a Senior Process Engineer. In 2002, he received the opportunity to work in the same position for the Mercedez-Benz team.

 Nick Dunlap Pictured With His Parents, Jim And Charlene Dunlap
Nick Dunlap Pictured With His Parents, Jim And Charlene Dunlap (Source: Instagram)

He worked with Mercedez for more than a decade before joining IICC as their Robotics Technical manager. Last year, Jim returned to working with car companies and joined Ford Motor Company as their paint manufacturing engineering manager. 

On her Facebook handle, Charlene has shared several posts that talk about her son’s achievements on the golf course. The proud mother, Charlene, has shared several photos with her husband cheering for their son at various golf courses.

The PGA Tour website got hold of Charlene and Jim during the final round of The American Express. Jim and Charlene said their son had always been a driven and dedicated child since day one. 

Jim said he realized his son had the potential to become a professional golfer when he shot 59 as a 12-year-old to win a local tournament. During the end of the interview, Charlene is seen getting emotional while talking about how hard her son had worked to get to this place today. 

Scott Dunlap Life Of Solitude

The 60-year-old American professional golfer Scott Dunlap is a single man. In 2016, Scott was interviewed by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, where he revealed the information. 

53-year-old at the time, Dunlap talked about his golf career and where it had taken him. It had taken him 11 years to get his PGA playing card. 

The Veteran Golfer Pictured During The  PGA TOUR Champions’ The Ally Challenge
The Veteran Golfer Pictured During The PGA TOUR Champions’ The Ally Challenge (Source: Twitter)

In his interview, Dunlap said in 1995, he played in every continent except Antarctica and Australia. There was a time when he was a head pro at a club in South Africa when Nelson Mandela had gotten out of prison. 

Dunlap said he has been chasing the stupid white ball forever but doesn’t regret it. He said he has made a decent living out of it, and though it might not match the millions made by some other players, Dunlap says the experience he got was invaluable. 

In 2014, Scott won his Championship tour, the Boeing Classic, after defeating Mark Brooks on the first hole of a sudden-death playoff. Dunlap has kept himself lowkey, doesn’t give many interviews, and isn’t available on social media. 

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