Is Rodrigo Riquelme Related To Juan Román Riquelme? Relaionship

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Due to the same surname they share, fans are wondering if Rodrigo Riquelme Is Related To Juan Román Riquelme. Read till the end to find out.

The whole Atlantic Ocean separates the two players, so the chances of them being related are very slim. 

Rodrigo Riquelme Showing Off His Skills In An International Match
Rodrigo Riquelme Showing Off His Skills In An International Match (Source: Instagram)

Firstly, Rodrigo Riquelme Reche was born on April 2, 2000. He is also popularly known by his nickname, Roro. 

Rodrigo is a Spanish professional soccer player who plays for La Liga club Atlético Madrid as a right winger or attacking midfielder.

On the other hand, Juan Román Riquelme was born on June 24, 1978. He is a former Argentine professional soccer player and the current vice-president of Boca Juniors.

It is the team where he spent the majority of his playing career. Various writers, players, and coaches regard him as one of the best playmakers ever.

From 1996 to 2015, Riquelme was a midfielder in the traditional “enganche” role with Boca Juniors, winning eleven trophies.

He was transferred to FC Barcelona of Spain in 2002, but his time there was cut short owing to his strained relationship with then-head coach Louis van Gaal.

Is Rodrigo Riquelme Related To Juan Román Riquelme?

Despite having similar names and being Hispanic by ethnicity, Rodrigo and Juan are not related in any way. 

One can have an easier time elaborating on their differences rather than finding similarities between the two. 

Sharing an age difference of almost 22 years, both soccer players hail from different countries, even continents, if you want to gaze into the distance between them. 

Rodrigo was born in Spain, where he grew up and found grooming to play professional soccer. 

On the other hand, Juan is from Argentina, and he dedicated all of his life and skills to his country. 

As mentioned earlier, he went to Spain to play for FC Barcelona and Villarreal but didn’t stay there for long.

Rodrigo Riquelme Is In No Manner Related To Juan Román Riquelme
Rodrigo Riquelme Is In No Manner Related To Juan Román Riquelme (Source: Instagram)

Subsequently, Rodrigo has never been to Argentina for professional work or on a vacation.

Juan was born into a poor family as the eldest of 11 children, out of which nobody shares any relationship with Rodrigo. 

One of Juan’s brothers, Sebastián Riquelme, is a professional soccer player, but he is highly based in Argentina, like Juan himself. So it is highly unlikely that he also has met with Rodrigo. 

While both players are from different generations of soccer, Juan has already established himself tasa top-tier player. Along the same lines, Rodrigo is already on his way to proving his worth too. 

Why Did People Consider Juan Román One Of The Best Playmakers Of All Time?

Juan, hailed as one of the prime playmakers globally and among Argentina’s most gifted players of his era epitomized the quintessential “number ten.”

People knew him for his graceful and elegant style on the field, marked by intelligent passing and flair.

This tall, slender offensive midfielder seamlessly integrated an impressive passing range, exceptional vision, and precise technique. He was adept at dribbling with a knack for goal-scoring from midfield.

Juan Román Riquelme Sharing A Picture With One Of The Greatest Of All Times, Lionel Messi
Juan Román Riquelme Sharing A Picture With One Of The Greatest Of All Times, Lionel Messi (Source: Instagram)

Operating primarily as an attacking midfielder, he displayed versatility, excelling both in a central role and as a deep-lying playmaker.

Recognized as one of the last true number 10s, Riquelme’s playmaking prowess and distinctive style set him apart.

Despite lacking pace, he compensated with tactical awareness, aexcellentdecision-making, and a keen sense of the game.

Additionally, he exhibited proficiency in taking free kicks. However, his career was marred by inconsistency and an introverted and challenging personality.

He also had a reputation for limited work ethic, both in matches and during training sessions.

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