Is Roman Dolidze Muslim? Religion, Ethnicity And Nationality Revealed

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Roman Dolidze Muslim: Regardless of religious beliefs, Roman Dolidze is a respected figure in the UFC as he cements his place among the elite fighters with undeniable skill and determination.

The hard-hitting fighter boasts an impressive record in the UFC and has a large fan following.

Aside from the octagon, his personal life narrative is unique and deserves a deep dive.

UFC Fighter Roman Dolidze
UFC Fighter Roman Dolidze (Source: UFC)

Roman Dolidze is a Georgian mixed martial artist who competes in the UFC middleweight division.

An athletic personality from a young age, he played soccer as a goalkeeper in his early days.

To begin with, he started his MMA career fighting in the promotions based out of Ukraine. He specialized in grappling and won various titles in it.

Following that, he joined the UFC and has an impressive record for the promotion. In his 15 career MMA fights, Dolidze has 12 wins with seven knockout finishes.

Is Roman Dolidze Muslim?

According to most reports, Roman is a follower of Christianity. However, this is just a speculation from the posts and greetings he writes on his social media.

On top of that, he is from Georgia, a nation which boasts a Christian majority of over 85%. Hence, owing to these logical reasons, many have guessed that Roman is a Christian.

Roman Dolidze Is From Eastern Europe
Roman Dolidze Is From Eastern Europe (Source: ESPN)

On the other hand, his bearded look sparks conjecture about if he is a Muslim. Additionally, Muslims make up only 9% of Georgia’s total religious demographic.

However, there has been no indication from Roman for people to speculate he is Muslim apart from his appearance. So, many educated guesses lead to the conclusion that he is a follower of Christianity.

Roman Comes From Eastern European Origin

Speaking of his nationality, Roman hails from the eastern European nation of Georgia. Additionally, he was born in 1988 in Batumi, then a part of the Soviet Union.

Georgia is situated at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia and has a rich and ancient history dating back to the early civilizations of the region.

Spending most of his childhood in Batumi, he moved to Ukraine when he was 20. This was because he wanted to study shipbuilding engineering at Odesa Maritime Academy.

It was in Ukraine where Roman started his MMA career, training in grappling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Roman proudly represents his home country by displaying the national flag whenever possible.

Dolidze Is From Batumi, Georgia
Dolidze Is From Batumi, Georgia (Source: BBC)

Interestingly, his given moniker, ‘The Caucasian,’ is believed to be a tribute to his origins in the Caucasus region.

Georgians hold a deep appreciation for their hard-won independence from the Soviet Union, viewing determination and triumph as significant values.

The region, known for producing fighters and warriors embodying ancestral spirit, influences the way Dolidze carries himself, reflecting the values instilled in him from a young age.

Additionally, Roman has a deep connection with Ukraine and has openly supported them in their current crisis. Having spent a significant part of his youth in the nation, he has cultivated a profound fondness for the country.

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