Is Ryen Russillo Gay? Who Is His Girlfriend In 2023?

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Ryen Russillo’s witty reply to Colin Cowherd’s dating question got people talking, and now there’s curiosity about his relationship status. Some are wondering if Ryen Russillo is gay.

Russillo actively avoids discussing his girlfriends or love life publicly, skillfully sidestepping the topic when questioned.

However, rumors also circulated that he once dated fellow sports announcer Charrisa Thompson.

The Ryen Russillo Podcast
The Ryen Russillo Podcast (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Ryen Russillo was born on August 5, 1975 on Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

A 1997 University of Vermont graduate, he actively engaged in Sigma Alpha Epsilon and interned at WCAX in Burlington.

While at the Sporting News Radio affiliate WWZN, he hosted The Die Hards (mid-2003 to 2005) with his co-hosts.

Moreover, Russillo hosted radio shows such as NBA Sunday, The Baseball Show, ESPN Radio, and New England Sports Tonight.

In December 2017, Russillo announced his departure from his ESPN radio show to pursue other opportunities but continued doing podcasts for them.

Later in 2019, he completely departed from ESPN to The Ringer, transitioning into a full-time media personality. Currently, Ryen hosts The Ryen Russillo Podcast.

Is Ryen Russillo Gay? Who Is His Girlfriend In 2023?

Ryen Russillo rarely gets involved in dating rumors. However, there was a rumor suggesting his involvement with his co-host Charissa Thompson.

Charrisa and Ryen maintained close proximity during work. Even after both left ESPN, people frequently saw them together.

However, the two were never in a romantic relationship. Instead, they simply enjoyed their time as colleagues.

In fact, the two were really close friends, and Charrisa revealed that nothing romantic happened between them.

Ryen And Colin Cowherd
Ryen And Colin Cowherd (Source: ESPN)

Moreover, during his guest appearance on the Colin Cowherd Podcast, when asked about his dating life, Ryen wittily replied that he was actively dating his work.

Some appreciated his statement, actively expressing that he was hilarious and displayed cleverness with his words.

 However, some people didn’t respond well, speculating if he was gay and suggesting that might be the reason for his lack of dating at 47.

Meanwhile, some questioned whether he has ever discussed dating or being with a woman, considering he has never openly addressed his sexuality.

Similarly, one incident involving Ryen also fueled speculation about his sexuality, prompting discussions on the subject.

Russillo Criminal Entry Charges

In 2017, authorities in Wyoming arrested Russillo for criminal entry. Reports indicate that he was nude and intoxicated at the time.

Authorities found Russillo intoxicated in a stranger’s condo with his shirt off and pants around his ankles after the residents called the police.

With bloodshot eyes and slurred speech, he appeared incapable of coherently answering any questions and even refused to leave when asked.

Later, after spending a few days in prison, he was bailed out. Upon release, ESPN suspended him from his duties.

Ryen Arrest Mug Shot
Ryen Arrest Mug Shot (Source: NY Post)

Moreover, he released an official statement acknowledging his actions and expressing deep remorse, stating he was extremely guilty for it.

Ryen added that as a public figure, he knew engaging in such behavior was something to be embarrassed about.

Similarly, he openly accepted the suspension from ESPN, stating that he deserved it.

However, some people elevated the situation, actively speculating about his sexuality and connecting it to his actions while intoxicated.

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