Is Wander Franco Ped*phile? Alleged Relation With 14 Years Old

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On Sunday night, the Tampa Bay Rays officially acknowledged that Major League Baseball is actively investigating a series of social media posts that revolve around Wander Franco, a standout All-Star shortstop.

These viral posts, having gained substantial traction on X, contain allegations that Franco, at the age of 22, has potentially been engaged in an improper relationship with a minor.

The posts went viral almost as soon as Sunday’s game got underway. By the final out, Franco’s name was the top sports trending topic on the platform.

The gravity of these claims is further amplified by Franco’s notable presence in the league.

Despite the anticipation surrounding a Wander Franco Snapback Hat giveaway tailored for kids aged 14 and under, Franco’s name was notably absent from Sunday’s lineup.

In an unexpected twist, the Tampa Bay Rays opted to elevate Osleivis Basabe, a standout top prospect from Triple-A Durham and a prominent figure among their prospects, to step into Franco’s shoes as the starter for the game.

Wander Franco
Wander Franco & His Alleged Relationship With Minor (Source: Wikipedia)

Prior to the game, Rays manager Kevin Cash clarified that the choice to bench Franco was primarily aimed at providing him with some much-needed rest.

When questioned post-game about whether there were underlying factors influencing the decision, Cash succinctly responded, “No, just a day off.

In response to a subsequent inquiry alluding to “speculation” circulating on social media, Cash openly acknowledged his awareness of the chatter surrounding the topic.

A statement from the Tampa Bay Rays:

During today’s game, we were made aware of the social media posts that are circulating regarding Wander Franco. We take the situation seriously and are in close contact with Major League Baseball as it conducts its due diligence.”

Is Wander Franco Ped*phile? Alleged Relation With 14 Years Old

Amidst the backdrop of MLB’s investigation into social media posts concerning the burgeoning talent Wander Franco, the Rays find themselves without their star player as they embark on a journey to face the Giants in San Francisco.

As the Rays’ team plane took off for the forthcoming series commencing on Monday evening, the notable absence of the 22-year-old Franco from among his teammates was palpable, as reported by ESPN.

The posts in question, once visible on the now-renamed X platform, have been deleted.

They came to light on Sunday and are alleged to have made assertions about Franco’s involvement in an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

In his breakout season, Franco secured his spot as a first-time All-Star, impressing with a batting average of .281, 17 home runs, 58 RBIs, 65 runs scored, and an impressive 30 stolen bases.

His on-base plus slugging (OPS) stands at a formidable .819.

Notably, Franco’s stellar performance led to his signing a lucrative 11-year contract worth $182 million with the Rays in November 2021.

This significant deal also features a team option valued at $25 million for the year 2033.

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