Is Will Hardy Mormon? Religion And Ethnicity Of Jazz Coach

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Will Hardy is one of the youngest coaches in the NBA, and the fans are concerned. They are trying to figure out more about their coach, more precisely, if Will Hardy is Mormon.

Hardy is only in his second year with the Utah Jazz and has failed to build a strong team. The Jazz have won four games out of fourteen, and the fans are weary if Hardy is the right man to lead the team.  

There have been numerous inquiries about Hardy’s ethnicity and his religious background. Meanwhile, some believe him to be a believer of the Mormon faith. 

Will Hardy On His Second Year With The Utah Jazz
Will Hardy On His Second Year With The Utah Jazz (Source: Sports Illustrated)

William Hardy was born in Richmond, Virginia, on January 21, 1988. He is an American professional basketball coach for the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball League (NBA).

Unbeknownst to many, Hardy started his basketball career as a player first. He played college basketball at Williams. However, the young coach reportedly passed offers from Division I teams as he wanted to focus on academics. 

Moreover, he aimed to build up his knowledge of basketball as a player to, hopefully, be a coach someday. Thus, after graduating college, Hardy was acquainted with Gregg Popovich, the San Antonio Spurs head coach. 

As a result, he got the opportunity to intern for Popovich, coaching the Spurs Summer League team for several years. Before the 2021-22 season, Hardy started his role as the assistant coach for Ime Udoka. 

On June 29, 2022, Hardy signed his first job as a head coach for the Utah Jazz at 34. 

Is Will Hardy Mormon? 

There has been a growing intrigue in the ethnicity and religion of the Utah Jazz coach, Will Hardy. More specifically, fans are curious if Hardy has allegiance to the Mormon faith. 

Reports suggest that more than half of all Utahns are Mormons. Moreover, Utah is the only state where a large portion of the population belongs to a single church. 

Will Hardy Appeals To The Ref For A Foul
Will Hardy Appeals To The Ref For A Foul (Source: Desert News)

Perhaps this is why there have been rumors of the coach being connected to the LDS Church. 

However, there have been no indications from the 35-year-old about his religion. While he might be a follower of the Mormon faith, there are no assurances to be had.

Furthermore, there is no certainty about his ethnicity as well. If we were to venture a guess, the young coach might be caucasian.

The Youngest Coach: Is He Up For The Challenge?

Hardy is one of the two youngest coaches in the NBA at the moment. At 35, he is slightly older than Boston Celtic’s coach, Joe Mazzulla

The Utah Jazz faced the LA Lakers this past Tuesday night. LeBron James, the oldest player in the NBA, was utterly shocked when one of the reporters told him that he was older than the opposition coach. 

Will Hardy Taking A Selfie With A Fan
Will Hardy Taking A Selfie With A Fan (Source: The Salt Lake Tribune)

However, the opposition should beware of underestimating him, as the young coach has proven experience producing exceptional results. 

Hardy reportedly played a significant role when the Celtics made their finals run last season. He turned the game around by working closely with the Celtics’ stars Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart, and Jaylen Brown. 

This earned him his major break as the head coach of the Utah Jazz. 

Moreover, following a disappointing loss against the LA Lakers on Tuesday night, the 35-year-old made some glaring remarks in the post-match media session. 

In the 13-minute session, Hardy reinstated the two vital things he expects from his team: to play hard and to pass. 

He further reinforced that the team needed more consistency and emphasis in the two areas of the game. 

In addition to this, the coach didn’t hesitate to take some responsibility for losing the game. He stated, “There is not one reason why you win or lose. It’s always gonna be a collective thing.” 

He further added, “It’s all of us. We win together, we lose together.”

Furthermore, Hardy admitted that his team is not at their best. However, he argued that they’re trying to build a winning team, and with a bit of time and plenty of hard work, it is achievable.  

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