Ivana Vuleta Husband Marko Vuleta: Married Life And Kids

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Ivana Vuleta married her husband, Marko Vuleta, in 2021. The couple has frequently shared photos on their Instagram accounts, showcasing their blissful married life.

Her husband, Marko Vuleta, works as a nutritionist. Moreover, both the husband and wife are fitness enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, the Vuleta duo does not have any children and has not disclosed any plans.

Professional Athlete Ivana Vuleta
Professional Athlete Ivana Vuleta (Source: Instagram)

Ivana Sapanovic is a 34-year-old athlete hailing from Serbia. She competes in track and field and specializes in long jump.

The Serbian was a bright prospect right from her childhood; she won gold medals at the 2008 World Junior Championships and was selected as Serbia’s Best Young Athlete in the year 2008.

Presently, she is a two-time World indoor champion, a two-time European champion, a three-time European indoor champion and a four-time Diamond League Trophy Winner.

Furthermore, she is an esteemed Olympian and has represented her country at four Olympics, winning a bronze medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Moreover, she recently became the 2023 World Champion in the long jump in Budapest.

Husband of Ivana Vuleta: Marko Vuleta

When discussing her personal life, the legendary athlete is not single. She is married to a fitness nutritionist named Marko Vuleta.

Marko is a fitness expert, nutritionist, wellness mentor, coach, and nutrition master. He specializes in sports science and is the founder of “Hero Fit Wear” while also serving as the CEO of Trainers Dubai.

Ivana And Her Husband Marko Vuleta
Ivana And Her Husband Marko Vuleta (Source: Instagram)

Marko has a following of 93k on Instagram, promoting a fit lifestyle while also cautioning his followers about the negative impacts of obesity.

Moreover, Marko frequently posts about his beloved wife, Ivana, expressing his gratitude for being with him.

Married Life And Kids

The adorable couple, Ivana and Marko, exchanged vows on September 26, 2021, in a beautiful event in the presence of their families and friends.

Upon their marriage, Ivana officially adopted her husband’s last name.

Since then, the couple has continued to lead a wonderful married life, celebrating each other’s successes and thriving together.

Ivana And Marko During Their Wedding
Ivana And Marko During Their Wedding (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, the Vuletas share a mutual passion for fitness, often posting photos of their workouts together.

Beyond their relationship, the dynamic duo also functions as business partners.

They own a brand called Hydrolleri, which promotes safe and certified hydration solutions tailored for athletes.

Moreover, they are a perfect pair; however, there is no news of them welcoming a little Vuleta into their lives.

Ivana Is A National Hero

The Olympian stands as a Serbian icon, serving as an inspiration to all Serbs aspiring to make a mark in athletics.

Furthermore, watching her perform in the Serbian colors with grit and determination makes everyone’s hearts fumble with joy and passion.

Ivana Vuleta Flies The Serbian Flag High
Ivana Vuleta Flies The Serbian Flag High (Source: Instagram)

In recognition of her significant contributions, the Serbian Government honored her with two national orders, the Order of Karadorde Star, which is given to the highest civilians, and the Order of Njegos.

Moreover, she continues to inspire and promote her country and fellow citizens worldwide.


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