Izzy Abanikanda Wife: Is He Married Or Dating?

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Izzy Abanikanda is fully driven to succeed in the NFL for the Jets. The rookie has not married anyone, while his dating life remains exclusively private.

With Izzy set to develop and thrive on the big stage, his fans are eager to watch his progress. Further, all the media houses have already started investigating his personal life.

However, he has not disclosed any information regarding his dating history. So, the NFL rookie is currently single and is only focused on football.

New York Jets Running Back Izzy Abanikanda
New York Jets Running Back Izzy Abanikanda (Source: Instagram)

Israel Adewale Abanikanda, commonly known by his nickname “Izzy” is a 21-year-old American football player from Brooklyn, New York. He plays in the NFL for the New York Jets.

The running back attended Abraham Lincon High School, where he made a name for himself as the Gatorade Player of the Year. By his senior year, he was a top recruit with seventeen scholarship offers.

Moreover, he committed to the University of Pittsburgh and played for the Panthers for 2 years. During that period, he was First Team All-American and First Team All-ACC.

In 2023, the New York Jets selected him in round 5 as pick no.143, the pundits predict him to have a successful NFL career up ahead.

Does Izzy Abanikanda Have A Wife? More On His Dating Life 

The new running back of the Jets doesn’t have a wife, nor does he have any girlfriend, as per our knowledge.

At the moment, he seems fully focused on lighting up his career and has not revealed any personal information to the media.

Izzy In Action For The Jets
Izzy In Action For The Jets In The NFL (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, he keeps his social media professional, only posting pictures from training and games. However, he does promote his merch “IzzyGetsBusy” on his Twitter.

All in all, his main goal for now is to make his parents, his city Brooklyn, and the Pitts proud. Recent additions to that list are the Jets franchise and their fans.

So the young man from Brooklyn is solely focused on himself for now.

Family of Israel Abanikanda

Izzy is the third child of Saidi and Mariam Abanikanda. His older brother’s name is Michael Abanikanda, and his sister’s name is Debra Abanikanda.

Izzy holds Nigerian heritage, his parents moved to the USA after the birth of their first son Michael. The oldest also played football for the University of Buffalo and was a true role model for Izzy.

He followed his brother’s footsteps and got into football at just 4. In his own words, “Everything my brother did, I did, so when he started playing football, I started playing football.”

Izzy With His Parents
Izzy With His Parents (Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

Izzy believes his family to be the main source of inspiration for his achievements. He says he wants to repay them for keeping him close to home and not letting him derail from his path.

Growing up in a tough city like Brooklyn, Izzy always had to be careful. While his friends got arrested and his cousin got shot, he only focused on succeeding and taking care of his family.

Moreover, he finally feels it’s his time to give back to his family. When he got drafted, he said, “I got you, Mom; I got the family.”


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