Ja Morant Suspension Expected To Be For 30 Games Regardless Of Toy Gun Claim

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Ja Morant is potentially facing a substantial 30-game suspension from the NBA after a recent video emerged showing him displaying a firearm while inside a friend’s car. 

Although Morant‘s representatives appear to accept the likelihood of the NBA’s punishment, they are questioning the assumption that the weapon featured in the Instagram Live video was a toy. 

NBA commissioner Adam Silver reportedly obtained the video, and there are rumors circulating that Morant may receive an effective suspension.

Ja Morant with the Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA
Ja Morant with the Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA (Source: CNN)

Initially, Silver stated that he would announce Morant’s punishment after the NBA finals between the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets concluded.

If the punishment is announced, it could be more than one-third of the 2023/24 season, which would be disastrous for his career. 

Ja Morant Team Has Claimed It Was A Toy Gun 

According to The Breakfast Club, Ja Morant’s team has asserted that the firearm he displayed in the Instagram video was, in fact, a toy.

His team claims that the gun belonged to a relative who was joking around with it and passed it to Morant, who was then recorded with the supposed toy firearm.

Following the May incident, Ja is presently serving a suspension from participating in Grizzlies basketball activities.

Ja Morant Hooding A Gun
Ja Morant Hooding A Gun (Source: TMZ)

This marks the second gun-related matter involving Morant during the season, which led to his suspension towards the end of the season.

Fans cannot believe the excuse from Ja Morant’s camp has made as they are arguing that he should be responsible and take accountability of his action regardless of the consequences.

The situation becomes more challenging because Silver seems to possess additional information that hasn’t been made public, as indicated in his statement.

If this is indeed the case, it is possible that we may witness a suspension of significant length, potentially ranging from 20 to 30 games or even more.

While the number of players who have received such lengthy suspensions in the NBA is relatively small, there is a genuine possibility that Morant could join that list.

Unfortunately, this entire situation is regrettable as Morant is recognized as one of the most talented young players in the league.



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