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Jackie Robinson was a former professional baseball player of the Major League Baseball (MLB). As an athlete and since his post-career, Jackie has garnered $6 million net worth. 

Glancing back, Jackie was the first African American to play in MLB in the modern era. Herewith, he played a major role in breaking the color code in baseball. 

Not to mention, he was also the foremost black baseballer to claim the National League Most Valuable Player Award in 1949.

As he broke the traditional norms from the baseball field, Jackie also became the one to start a new trend. 

Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson

Throughout his days, Jackie worked in and out of the field and collected huge accolades and earnings.

Herewith, we will dive into discussing all the world he was indulged in, his lifestyle, earnings, and total worth. 

Quick Facts

Full Name Jack Roosevelt Robinson
Date of Birth January 31, 1919
Birth Place Cairo, Georgia, U.S.
Nick Name Dark Destroyer, The Colored Comet, Jack-Jack, Jackie the Robber, J-Rob
Religion Christianity 
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American 
Zodiac Sign  Aquarius  
Death Date October 24, 1972 (aged 53)
Death Place  Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.
Height 5’10” (1.8 meters)
Weight 205 lbs (98 kg)
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Black 
Father’s Name Jerry Robinson  
Mother’s Name Mallie (McGriff) Robinson
Siblings Four; Mack Robinson, Edgar Robinson, Willa Mae Robinson, Frank Robinson
Education John Muir High School (Pasadena, California)
Pasadena Junior College
University of California
Washington STEAM Multilingual Academy 
Marital Status Married 
Wife  Rachael Robinson (m. 1946)
Kids Three children; Jackie Robinson Jr. (1946–1971), Sharon Robinson (b. 1950), and David Robinson (b. 1952)
Profession Former baseball player 
League   Major League Baseball (MLB)
 Bats and Throws Right
Affiliations  Kansas City Monarchs
Brooklyn Dodgers
Debut and Last Appearance  Debut: 1945 (MLB) and 1947 (NL)
Last Appearance: 1956
MLB Statistics 141 home runs, .313 batting average, and 761 runs batted in  
Net Worth   $6 million
Last Update  June, 2024

How deep is Jackie Robinson’s pocket? Earnings and Worth

According to the sources, Jackie Robinson currently depicts a net worth of $6 million. Well, let’s have a look at his contracts and earnings back in the days. 

Robinson signed his foremost MLB contract back on April 10, 1947, with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Jackson earned a $5,000 salary per year with the contract, and the contract is still on a permanent display today. 

Indeed, Jackie started a great legacy to which even Martin Luther King Jr. stated, “I didn’t start the Civil Rights Movement, Jackie Robinson did.”

Well, they auctioned his contract back in 2017, which valued up to $36 million. But, again, back to his salary days, Jackie’s peak earnings throughout his career were back in 1952 when he earned $39,750.

Robinson signs his baseball contract
Robinson signs his baseball contract.

As we value that earning in today’s date, it amounts to $3,80,000. So altogether, he has $2,96,000 as his career earnings just through salary. 

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Post Retirement Arena

Before all his post-retirement works, Jackie stood as the first black person to work in an American corporation. As he became the vice president for personnel at Chock full o’Nuts.

In the meantime, he also worked for the NAACP’s million-dollar Freedom Fund Drive. 

Alongside it, he took time to battle with his health. Then, he commenced his journey as the analyst for ABC’s Major League Baseball Game of the Week telecasts.

Here, he was again the first person with color to do so. 

The next year, Jackie became the general manager for the Brooklyn Dodgers of the Continental Football League. He continued it well for a while, and later, he again went to work as a part-time commentator. 

Well, it was in 1972 that he worked alongside Montreal Expos telecasts.

On-screen Appearances

Although Jackie Robinson has only portrayed himself once on-screen, many such appearances are done in his honor and story. Here, we have listed some of his and others who represented him on-screen. 

  • 1950 motion picture ‘The Jackie Robinson Story (portrayed by Jackie himself)
  • 1978 ABC television special “A Home Run for Love” (portrayal by John Lafayette)
  • 1990 TNT television movie ‘The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson’ (portrayal by Andre Braugher)
  • 2016 PBS documentary, ‘Jackie Robinson’ (voice-over by Jamie Foxx)
Movie based on Jackie
A movie based on Jackie

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Published in October 1972, Jackie Robinson presented the candid book that he wrote alongside Alfred Duckett. It’s titled “I Never Had It Made.” 

Likewise, he has the autobiography that he wrote alongside Warren Lounsbury Smith. Originally published in 1948, the book started with the title, “Jackie Robinson: My Own Story.”

On a similar note, his other books include “Beyond Home Plate: Jackie Robinson on Life After Baseball.” It is followed by “Baseball Has Done it” and “Wait Till Next Year: The Life Story of Jackie Robinson.”

Brand Endorsements

Jackie Robinson had endorsed numerous products during his career’s journey from hats, bread, even Chesterfield cigarettes. Additionally, he was also the foremost black man to appear in the Wheaties advertisement. 

At the same time, he also features on the cover of Honey Frosted Wheaties and Crispy Wheaties ‘n Raisins. Here again, he was the first person to appear for all three covers. 

As he passed away, he was starred in the commemorative bottles for Coca-Cola. Similarly, he was in the TV ads for Apple computers and Nike sneakers. 

Jackie Robinson | Lifestyle 

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” —Jackie Robinson.

Robinson led several lives in a single one; as a writer, a player, a soldier, an activist, a politician, a leader, a father, and a husband. But, of course, his legacy is eternal, and it is transferred down in the form of a book, song, or poem. 

Sadly, the greatest one also has his share of bumpers in his life as he battled his health. Back in the days, Robinson struggled with type 2 diabetes and often would face a fluctuate ting body weight.

Hence, he was ever so conscious with his diet. Often, they would pretest the injection in a tomato, and then, he would use it. Slowly, he was away from pies and cakes. 


The ‘Jackie Robinson House’ has been a historical landmark at present. Well, it is located at 5224 Tilden Avenue in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. 

To elaborate, Jackie bought the two-story brick duplex back in 1947 and later became a landmark in 1976. As for the exterior, the house depicts a porch with a wooden railing and metal awning.

The Jackie Robinson House
The Jackie Robinson House

Initially, Jackie stayed on the top two floors of 5224 with monthly rent.

As per the reports, by the end of his life, Jackie’s largest property was his six-acre property in Stamford, Connecticut. Apparently, they built it in 1995.

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Charity and Help

Right from the beginning, Jackie Robinson has been raising his voice regarding the black community and equality. After Jackie passed away, his widowed wife built a charity foundation under his name. 

Jackie Robinson Foundation

Jackie’s wife, Rachel Robinson, founded this nonprofit organization in 1973. It works to help the youths with scholarships and opportunities to disadvantaged students of color.

To illustrate, they offer a four-year program to improve one’s skill set. Well, the programs consist of professional mentoring, internship placement, extensive leadership training, international travel, and community service. 

To date, this foundation has assisted with $85 million in program assistance alongside $26 million in direct financial aid. In addition, just across the nation, they have distributed 1,500 scholarships. 

Brief Glance on Jackie Robinson 

Jackie Robinson had a small family. His wife, Rachael Robinson, was a nurse. Talking about Rachael, she worked as an assistant professor at the Yale School of Nursing and as a director of nursing at the Connecticut Mental Health Center. 

Together, the duo had three children; Jackie Robinson Jr. (1946–1971), Sharon Robinson (b. 1950), and David Robinson (b. 1952).

Below are the accolades and honors regarding Jackie Robinson. 

  • Appearance on the United States Postal service on three separate postage stamps in 1982, 1999, and 2000.
  • The city of Pasadena named a baseball stadium Jackie Robinson Field
  • $325,000 bronze sculpture by artists Ralph Helmick, Stu Schecter, and John Outterbridge 
  • National & American League Rookie of the Year Awards were renamed the “Jackie Robinson Award.”
  • Major League Baseball retired Robinson’s jersey number, 42, from all four majors. 
  • To honor Jackie Robinson, April 15 is named  ‘Jackie Robinson Day,’ when the players are allowed to wear jersey number 42.
  • Jackie Robinson Museum and Learning Center at One Hudson Square
  • The Spingarn Medal by NAACP in honor of Robinson
  • The Presidential Medal of Freedom allotted by President Ronald Reagan and the Congressional Gold Medal by President George W. Bush
  • City Island Ballpark in Daytona Beach, Florida, was renamed Jackie Robinson Ballpark.
  • An asteroid was named after him, 4319 Jackie Robinson
  • They sold his rookie season jersey at an auction for $2.05 million.
Jackie Robinson with his family
Jackie Robinson with his family


  • “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” 
  • “I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me… All I ask is that you respect me as a human being.” 
  • “Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he’s losing; nobody wants you to quit when you’re ahead.”

Jackie Robinson | FAQs

How much is a Jackie Robinson Topps card worth?

Jackie Robinson’s 1953 Topps card is worth $5,250. 

How much is a Jackie Robinson baseball bat worth?

Jackie Robinson’s baseball bat is worth between $300,000 and $400,000. 

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