Jacques Villeneuve Wife Giulia: Age And Wikipedia

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Jacques Villeneuve, married Giulia in Vegas Paddock, sparking surprise and curiosity about his wife among the public.

Canadian professional racing driver Jacques Villeneuve privately married Giulia, his third wife, in a ceremony attended by their friends and family.

The couple have a son and a daughter together. Their name are Gilles Villeneuve Jnr and Olivia Villeneuve.

Jacques Villeneuve Car Racer
Jacques Villeneuve Car Racer (Source: Champions Speaker)

Jacques Villeneuve was born on April 9, 1971, to Gilles Villeneuve and Joann Villeneuve (Barthe) in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada.

Racer Villeneuve aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a car racer. His mother was aware of his passion for racing.

After his dad’s accident, Jacques lost interest in motor racing and began to fear its dangers.

Later, he regained his passion for motor racing. His mom, Joann, also granted him permission to race with the condition to excel in his studies.

He left his family to chase his racing dream, enduring failures and hardships to make a mark in the racing scene.

Villeneuve has raced for CART and Williams. Currently, he actively engages in a diverse racing career, including NASCAR and FIFA championships.

Jacques Villeneuve Wife: Giulia and Children

Jacques and Giulia Marra Villeneuve dated for a long period of time and finally decided to get married.

They tied the knot and exchanged their vows on November 17, 2023, at the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix paddock’s new wedding chapel.

Jacques’ wife, Giulia, is a private person. She doesn’t disclose any information about herself to the media.

Villeneuve’s social media posts reveal that Giulia expresses love for all of his children from his previous marriages as well.

Furthermore, posts on Jacques’s social media suggest that Giulia is supposedly a European national.

Giulia and her stepsons are frequently seen together during family holidays, vacation times, and airports.

Jacques Villeneuve Married In Las Vegas
Jacques Villeneuve Married In Las Vegas (Source: RacingNews365)

She is only seen in the posts where Jacques mentions her name. Her age remains unknown as well.

In addition to Jacques’s children with Giulia, he is a father of four other children from his first and second wives.

He has two sons with his first wife, Joakim Villeneuve and Jules Villeneuve. On the other hand, Henri Villeneuve and Benjamin Villeneuve are his sons with his second wife.

All of his four of his children live together with Jacques and Giulia.

Villeneuve First Two Wives: Johanna Martinez And Camilla Lopez

Jacques Villeneuve was engaged to Sandrine Gros D’Aillon. She was a college student from Montreal.

Later, he got engaged to Dannii Minogue, an Australian pop singer. Likewise, Jacques was in a relationship with Ellen Green, an American ballerina.

However, Jacques was first married to Johanna Martinez in 2006. Johanna was a Parisian national.

They had two children together but went through a divorce in June 2009.

Jacques Villeneuve Wife Giulia And 4 Sons
Jacques Villeneuve Wife Giulia And 4 Sons (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Jacques Villeneuve met Camila Andrea López Lillo in 2011. They met when Jacques participated in the Stock Car Race of Million.

Lopez was a supermodel from Brazil. They immediately fell in love with each other and decided to date.

Villeneuve married Camila López after a year, and the couple welcomed their two sons. The couple soon decided to separate as their marriage didn’t last long.

After their divorce, Camila went to her family and started living in Switzerland.

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