Jaden Soong Parents Chris And Sandra Soong Are His Motivation

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The parents of young golf prodigy Jaden Soong have encouraged his golfing career since he was two years old.

Jaden’s parents have watched him grow from shattering glass doors and windows with his shot to seeing him compete professionally.

He was born in Los Angeles, California, on January 26, 2010. When he was two years old, Jaden discovered he had a natural golf swing and picked up his first set of plastic clubs.

Jaden is currently a 7th grader at Thomas Starr King Middle School. But he is not one of your typical middle schoolers. 

Presently, the 14 year old stands 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs around 115 pounds but can drive the ball up to 280 yards.

Jaden Soong At The Toyota Cup
Jaden Soong At The Toyota Cup (Source: Instagram)

His friends dream of snow days or beach days. But not Soong; he could play golf from sunrise to sundown.

He says that he has loved the game since taking his first swing at two.

Furthermore, he regards Arnold Palmer as his inspiration and speaks of him as “The King,” a legend and an inspiration to all.

Jaden Soong Parents, Chris & Sandra Soong

The most significant source of motivation for Jaden is his parents. His father, Chris, and mother, Sandra, have stood as solid support pillars for him ever since he was born.

The couple is blessed with three children, including Jaden. The other two are his older sisters, Catelyn, and Mikki Soong. 

His father, Chris, volunteers to be the caddie of the young golfer. He is very proud of his son and says that talent, dedication, and hard work got Jaden to where he is today.

His mother, Sandra, has very vivid memories of Jaden’s childhood. She remembers that at age two, he started hitting a plastic golf ball in the backyard and then began taking private lessons. 

Jaden Soong With His Parents
Jaden Soong With His Parents (Source: Twitter)

She says that the golfer has broken windows twice. Once, he cracked a glass door as a 5-year-old while putting.

Then, as an 8-year-old, he destroyed a window with an errant shot. Thankfully, he has progressed to practicing on courses, with his drives reaching 280 yards.

Although Jaden is a prodigy, the parents love and support all their children equally.

They are constantly seen spending time together and even attending to Ed Sheeran and Charlie Puth’s concerts together.

Jaden Soong Almost Became The Youngest Golfer In The U.S. Open

On June 5, 2023, Jaden was one of 89 players who had the opportunity to compete for a spot in the prestigious U.S. Open.

If he was successful in finishing the 36-hole final round of qualifying on Monday at Hillcrest Country Club in Los Angeles. Jaden would be the youngest golfer to ever play at a U.S. Open.

Currently, this record is being held by Andy Zhang. He was 14 when he played in the 2012 U.S. Open at The Olympic Club in San Francisco.

Jaden Soong At His First local US Open Qualifier
Jaden Soong At His First Local U.S. Open Qualifier (Source: Instagram)

Despite the loss, he says that he learned a lot about his game, the things that he needs to improve on, and even those that are strong.

When asked about his small size and age, he says that golf is one of those few sports where you can be small and not as strong as adults and be a lot younger and still be good.

He believes you’ll get close if you keep your mental game and doesn’t want to outhit and out-putt his opponents, but he wants to outthink them.

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