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The experienced American football coach Jake Peetz shares a stable and enduring married life with his wife, Maggie.

In addition to their marital ties, the couple are also proud parents to seven children, embracing the responsibility of parenthood.

Seahawks Pass Game Coordinator Jake Peetz
Seahawks Pass Game Coordinator Jake Peetz (Source: 247 Sports)

Jake Peetz is an American football coach who is the pass game coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks.

Additionally, he has served as an offensive coordinator for various teams in college and the NFL.

He has worked as an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Rams, Carolina Panthers, Oakland Raiders, Washington Redskins, and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Additionally, he has experience coaching at the collegiate level with stints at Alabama and LSU.

Jake Peetz Wife Maggie

The Seahawks pass game coordinator is in a long-term marital life with his wife, Maggie. Going through the highs and lows of an unpredictable job like coaching, Jake has his wife as an unwavering pillar of support.

The demanding nature of an NFL coaching job, with its intense schedules and high-pressure situations, makes it a challenging endeavor.

However, having a supportive life partner proves invaluable, offering stability and understanding that contributes to navigating the challenges of the coaching profession.

Jake is blessed to have the presence of his wife, Maggie, in his life. Additionally, his long coaching career has taken him on an adventure through the east and west coast of the United States.

Jake Peetz Is Married To His Wife, Maggie
Jake Peetz Is Married To His Wife, Maggie (Source: The Athletic)

It is in this journey that he met his future partner, Maggie. The coach always praises and hails his wife in interviews and considers her an integral part of his success.

Undoubtedly, his career is hugely supported by his wife, who stands as a rock as he goes through the competitive world of the NFL.

The Couple Are Parents To Seven Children

Adding another dimension to their relationship is the responsibility of parenthood. Subsequently, the couple have formed a large family unit with their seven children.

The kids are – Gianna, Julia, John, Robert, Emma, William, George, and Andrew. Raising such a large family while donning the responsibilities of an NFL coaching job is hard.

Jake And Maggie Have Seven Children
Jake And His Wife Maggie Have Seven Children (Source: WDSU)

Subsequently, the coach is grateful to his wife for handling the responsibilities. In an interview with The Athletic, he poured love and praise on his wife for being a stern figure.

“My wife, Maggie, is unbelievable. She’s definitely the superstar of our family with what she does every day. She really makes the whole thing go because that’s a lot to take care of the kids during the day and I’m down here working.”

Labeling her the superstar of the household, Jake is grateful for having such a supportive life partner.

Embracing the responsibilities of parenthood, the couple has adeptly and seamlessly raised a large family, nurturing seven children with care and dedication.

All in all, Jake has successfully balanced three facets of his life: NFL coaching, marital commitments, and the responsibilities of parenthood.

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