Jalen Hood Schifino Sister Ava Hood- Age Gap And Family Tree

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The young NBA recruit for the L.A. Lakers has a younger sister named Ava Hood, who is a world to him. Besides his parents, Ava is the closest one to him in the family.

Born to his parents, Glenn and Adrianne, in 2003, Jalen spent most of his childhood in North Carolina, despite initially being from Pennsylvania. 

Speaking of his athletic interest, Hood probably got it from his parents, who were collegiate athletes.

Inspired by the older members of the family, his little sister, Ava, is an avid sports fanatic and is currently Jalen’s biggest little supporter.

Jalen Hood Schifino Played College Basketball For The Indiana Hoosiers (Source: The Ringer)
Jalen Hood Schifino Played College Basketball For The Indiana Hoosiers (Source: The Ringer)

Recently, in the 2023 NBA draft, the Indiana Hoosiers point guard was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers as the 17th overall pick in the first round.

Hood had declared for the NBA draft, forgoing three college seasons, on March 31, 2023.

Jalen Hood’s short but successful collegiate career was pretty impressive. Alongside establishing himself as one of the top prospects in the draft, he won numerous accolades.

He became the Big Ten Freshman of The Year for his performance in his freshman season in 2023.

Jalen Wood Schifino Sister: Ava Hood

Jalen Wood Schifino was born on June 19, 2003, as the oldest son to his parents, Adrianna and Glenn, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Almost ten years later, his mother gave birth to his younger sister, Ava Hood.

According to sources, Hood’s sister, Ava, was born around 2013 and currently attends elementary school. Even though she is still a kid, she is engaged in various projects besides her studies.

Jalen Hood Schifino With His Mom And Little Sister
Jalen Hood Schifino With His Mom And Little Sister (Source: Instagram)

Her mom, Adrianna, also known as Angel, has The F.I.N.O. Project, named after their family name “Schifino.” Adding a little taste to it, the mom of the two introduces it as “Failure Is No Option.”

The brand is mainly dedicated to sharing success stories and inspirational quotes apart from selling merchandise. However, as Angel states, she started the project inspired by her kids.

Ava, an essential part of it, engages in the charitable events of her mom’s project. Similarly, she is the most popular model for the F.I.N.O. kids collection on social media handle as Jalen’s fans adore her.

During her spare time, Ava watches basketball and loves going to the court to see her brother play. On one occasion, she even met her mother’s first-ever basketball coach Dr. Karen Hall in 2022.

Jalen, too, is fond of his little sister and loves spending as much time as he gets with her. In his 2018 commitment clip for the Hoosiers, the athlete remarked that he wants to give his sister all the good things in the world.

Jalen’s Parents And Family Tree

Jalen’s parents, Glennard D. Hood Jr. and Adrianne Schifino, were still in college. After his birth, Glenn dropped out of college to look after his newly born son. At that time, he played football for Santa Monica College as a quarterback.

Similarly, Angel played basketball for Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania besides doing her undergraduate course.

She postponed her college after Jalen’s birth and worked part-time at a mall to assist her husband and kid.

Young Jalen Hood Schifino And His Mom Adrianna
Young Jalen Hood Schifino And His Mom, Adrianna (Source: Instagram)

However, unlike Glenn, she later enrolled in college and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Carlow University in 2008.

Growing up nearby his grandparents’ home, Jalen played games against his older cousins in the backyard. He remembers those days when he always used to be the youngest kid in the game.

One of his cousins, Deandre, played collegiate football for the University of Pittsburgh. Likewise, his other cousin, Sherron, was a college basketball player.

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