Jamaine Ortiz Wife: Is The Boxer Married Or Dating Girlfriend?

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Jamaine Ortiz has no wife, and the American boxer seems to be enjoying the bachelor life. The Massachusetts native Ortiz has never talked deeply about his personal life and has never shared romantic posts on his social media handle.

Having turned professional in 2016, Ortiz recently faced his second career loss. He challenged for the WBO junior welterweight championship but came up short against Teofimo Lopez.

Ortiz (R) Recently Lost Out Against Teofimo Lopez
Ortiz (R) Recently Lost Out Against Teofimo Lopez (Source: Instagram)

His first career loss came last year against Vasiliy Lomachenko. Both were unanimous decisions. The 27-year-old had previously shared his frustrations for being unable to book fights, and now that problem could further increase.

Ortiz has already said he wants a rematch with Lopez. The boxer also said he believed he won the fight and was the better performer. But the judges disagreed, with Judge Steve Weisfeld scoring the fight 117-111, while Tim Cheathem and David Sutherland both had it 115-113.

Jamaine Ortiz Wife: Is The Boxer Married Or Dating Girlfriend?

The American boxer Jamaine Ortiz has no wife and appears to be single. The 27-year-old hasn’t shared much of his personal life on his social media handle and hasn’t appeared publicly with his arms draped around anyone romantically.

On his Instagram, Ortiz has either shared posts of his training sessions or boxing in the ring. He also occasionally shares posts of his brand deals, with the latest advert post being that of Cambio Oil.

At times, when athletes do not share photos during their relationship, their partners end up tagging them in pictures. But that’s not the case with the boxer. He hasn’t been tagged in any images that could hint he is currently dating someone. 

Jamaine Ortiz Pictured Training For Teofimo Lopez Earlier This Year
Jamaine Ortiz Pictured Training For Teofimo Lopez Earlier This Year (Source: Instagram)

The comment section could also be a hint, but Jamaine’s comment section is filled with boxing fans going and forth against each other, either rooting for him or wishing for his failure. 

The Massachusetts native, Ortiz, made his professional debut in 2016. But last year, he had hinted at his frustration for not being able to book as many fights as he would have wanted to. 

He tweeted out in frustration, “To me, it’s very upsetting. I came off a great performance against Lomachenko.

Most of the world thought I won. The rankings have me amongst the top 10 in the world. But there’s no fight for me? No good opponent for me? It’s kind of wild.”

Despite losing only two games in his seven-year career, Ortiz isn’t exactly the big name in the world of boxing. So, for him to pour out his frustration is justifiable. 

Jamaine Ortiz Religion 

Jamaine Ortiz grew up practicing Christianity as his religion. But as he got older, Jamaine felt more connected to the Islamic faith.

In an interview in 2023, Jamaine said he had not fully embraced being Muslim but practiced the religion. One of Jamaine’s first Instagram posts is of him visiting Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. 

Last year, he reshared the picture to wish his followers on Jummah. In his interview, Jamaine said he had always been a religious kid, and as he got older, he started going to church.

Ortiz Pictured In 2021 Visiting The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Ortiz Pictured In 2021 Visiting The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (Source: Instagram)

But the concept of trinity wasn’t something that clicked with Ortiz. So, he started writing down what he thought he wanted to practice as a religion, and when he researched about it, Islam popped up.

Jamaine also revealed that it hadn’t been long since he started practicing Islam. He started following the religion when he was 21.

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