James Holzhauer And Wife Melissa Sassin Are Raising A Daughter

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James Holzhauers wife, Melissa Sassin, met the Jeopardy champion in a foreign land in 2011. The two married a year later and now share a daughter. 

The ACT tutor, Melissa Sassin, shares similar interests with her husband, one of them is appearing on game shows.

But in recent years, Melissa has taken the privilege to step back and watch her husband weave magic on game shows. 

James Holzhauer Pictured In His Chicago Cubs Jersey During An Interview
James Holzhauer Pictured In His Chicago Cubs Jersey During An Interview (Source: Instagram)

James Holzhauer has racked up $2.5 million while playing Jeopardy, making him the third-highest-earning American game show contestant of all time.

Previously, James had said his dream was to work in MLB front office and is a huge baseball fan. And in 2019, when a question about Babe Ruth popped up, James cleared it with ease.

The 39-year-old recently won Jeopardy Masters, beating his second-placed opponent, Mattea Roach, by 2110 points. 

James Holzhauer Wife, Melissa Sassin, Is A Tutor

James Holzhauer’s wife, Melissa Sassin, has kept limited appearances in game shows. But she has previously appeared in one of them and made it to the end.

After graduating from the University of Washington in 2009 with classics and classical languages degree, Melissa immediately enrolled at Brown University for its master’s program in the same subject.

While working on her master’s degree, Melissa for eight weeks traveled to Pattaya, Thailand, to work as a volunteer kindergarten teacher. 

James Holzhauer Pictured With His Wife Melissa
James Holzhauer Pictured With His Wife Melissa (Source: Instagram)

A few months after graduation, Melissa worked as an AmeriCorps Youth Development Leader at Seattle Parks and Recreation. At AmeriCorps, Melissa worked with eight students aged 12-14 and helped restore Woodland Park.

She continued her volunteering program at Rebuilding Together Aurora. With the help of the program manager Melissa and her team repaired 20 homes and assisted 41 low-income homeowners. 

The last time she updated her LinkedIn profile, Melissa had ended her job at StudyPoint as an ACT and academic tutor. Melissa has written that along with teaching ACT, she is also equipped to teach SAT.

Melissa is available on Facebook and keeps her content by sharing news about her husband’s wins. 

Melissa And Her Appearance In Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

In 2014, Melissa made her singular TV Show Appearance on the daily version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

During her appearance, her husband was seated right with the audience. The two even joked about buying a puppy from the winning pool of money. But Melissa quickly quipped that it wasn’t happening as James didn’t like dogs.

In the end, Melissa won $28,800 but could’ve won $57,600 if she had trusted the audience poll results in her last question. 

Previously, with her husband, Melissa participated in World Quizzing Championships and finished in 154th place. James finished 120 positions higher than her at 34.

James And Melissa Share A Eight-Year-Old Daughter

James met his wife, Melissa, in Thailand right when she went for the eight-week teaching program.

It was 2011, and James had decided to take a break from gambling. After their first meeting in Thailand, the couple returned to the US and decided to make it official, tying the knot a year later on September 8, 2012. 

James Shares A Daughter With Melissa Who Was Born In 2014
James Shares A Daughter With Melissa, Who Was Born In 2014 (Source: Instagram)

The Jeopardy legend then moved to West Coast with his wife and took a four year-hiatus from gambling. And it was during that time James decided to start a family with Melissa.

Melissa gave birth to their only child, their daughter, on November 9, 2014. The couple has decided to keep the details of their daughter away from the public scrutiny. 

James has always tried to incorporate family details for his Jeopardy wagers. During one of the games, he used his daughters’ birthday and has also used that of his nephews. 

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