Jamie Dixon Wife Jacqueline Corteway: Married Life & Kids

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Jamie Dixon, the head coach of the TCU Horned Frogs men’s team, has been married to his wife, Jacqueline Dixon (formerly Jacqueline Corteway), since 1999.

Despite Jamie Dixon’s prominent role in collegiate basketball, the couple has intentionally maintained a private life.

They prefer to keep details of their relationship away from the public eye.

James Patrick Dixon II is a well-known figure in American collegiate basketball. Dixon has a long experience in the sport and is currently the head coach of the TCU Horned Frogs men’s basketball team. 

Jamie Dixon, The Head Coach of The TCU Horned Frogs
Jamie Dixon, The Head Coach of The TCU Horned Frogs (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Dixon tried to get into the NBA before turning to teaching. In the seventh round of the 1987 NBA draft, he was selected by the Washington Bullets, who became the Washington Wizards.

Sadly, a severe injury he received while playing in the Netherlands in 1990 ended his career.

After his playing days were over, Dixon became a coach. He started coaching 1989 as the head coach at Te Aute College, a New Zealand high school.

His smooth transition from player to coach began with this, eventually propelling him to essential roles in collegiate basketball.

Jamie Dixon’s Wife, Jacqueline Corteway

Jacqueline Dixon, wife of college basketball head coach Jamie Dixon, has largely stayed out of the public eye, maintaining a very private life.

Unlike her husband, she does not have a presence on social media platforms, making it challenging to gather information about her.

Consequently, details about her family background, career, and education remain undisclosed.

Jamie Dixon Wife Jacqueline Corteway Prefers Private Life
Jamie Dixon Wife Jacqueline Corteway, Prefers Private Life (Source: Cardiac Hill)

While Jacqueline’s professional endeavors remain unknown, it can be assumed that she has dedicated herself to supporting her husband and caring for their family.

Despite lacking information, she likely leads a happy and fulfilling life alongside Jamie and their children.

Married Life And Kids

TCU Horned Frogs basketball coach Jamie Dixon and his wife, Jacqueline Dixon, have been together for over 24 years.

Their story began when they met while Jamie was an assistant at the University of Hawaii. They eventually fell in love and tied the knot in 1999.

This year marks their 25th anniversary, a milestone they eagerly anticipate celebrating together.

After four years of marriage, they were blessed with their first son. They welcomed their son, Jack Connor Dixon, in 2003.

Shortly after their firstborn, they welcomed their second child, their daughter, Shannon Iwalani Dixon, in 2004.

The pair have chosen to respect their children’s privacy as they grow up by keeping details about them private.

Jamie Dixon’s Father Dies At The Age of 86

Jamie Dixon, the TCU Horned Frogs basketball coach, is mourning the loss of his father, Jim Dixon, who passed away on Monday evening in California.

Jim had been bravely battling cancer for an extended period before his passing.

Jamie Dixon Honors Late Father During Emotional Week
Jamie Dixon Honors Late Father During Emotional Week (Source: BNN Breaking)

Jim Dixon was a notable figure in Hollywood, making significant contributions as an actor, producer, and screenwriter.

His career included involvement in prominent films such as “Ice Station Zebra,” featuring a cameo from NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown.

The loss of Jim Dixon is deeply felt by his family, friends, and colleagues, as he leaves behind a legacy of creativity and passion for the arts. 

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