Jamie Foxx Still Recovering: High School QB Family Preparing For The Worst Rumor

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Jamie Foxx, a professional actor, comedian, and singer, has been suffering from an unknown medical condition at a Georgia-based medical facility.

His daughter Corinne’s April 12, 2023, Instagram post informed the people about the increasing medical complications.

People, the digital site, addressed the news on May 5, 2023, and informed that the actor is now stable and is “already on his way to recovery.”

Although Corinne deleted the Instagram post about Jamie Foxx’s health for some unknown reason.

Jamie Foxx, A Famous Actor
Jamie Foxx, A Famous Actor (Source: Yahoo News UK)

After the debris from the ongoing facade over Daily Loud’s misinformation regarding Jamie Foxx’s health update.

His fans were furious and hoped for his speedy recovery, as Foxx’s inner circle revealed nothing regarding his health care.

Hopefully, the renowned actor is doing well and is still under hospital care, as his close family has revealed no other information. 

Jamie’s Initial Aspirations

Jamie is always counted as a talented individual since his young age, which can be backed up by the various activities he was indulged in during his school days.

Since age five, Jamie has played the piano and has exceptional evident musical abilities.

The Oscar-winning actor initially had a different perspective and goal for life, as he was a collegiate football and basketball team member at Terrell High School.

The high school QB was also the first player to pass for more than 1,000 yards in his school’s historical record.

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx (Source: Twitter)

Jamie was an aspiring athlete who dreamt of playing for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL).

After this, Foxx started on television as a cast of In Living Color and won Academy Award in the 2004 Ray as Ray Charles biopic.

From there, it was never looking back for the Grammy Award winner and had been preparing to be featured in the long-awaited Mike Tyson biopic, but didn’t due to age concerns.

Is Jamie Foxx Still Under Care?

Corinne posted on Instagram about the critical rising medical intricacies of Jamie with a caption,

“Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed,” along with emojis of praying hands, a love heart, and a fox.

Daily Loud has addressed Jamie Foxx’s health situation as preparing for the worst via their Tweet on May 11, 2023.

Jamie Foxx Health Update
Jamie Foxx Health Update (Source: Twitter)

Following that, other famous digital news sites also had the same saying, but the majority barged in and called out Daily Loud as a “Fake News” source.

The family has not published any follow-up news regarding Jamie’s health condition on social media or in interviews.

In its defense, Daily Loud made a threaded tweet mentioning all the other sites’ links to back up its credibility.

To which one Twitter user tweeted, “You mean articles written after your tweet was made? Real reliable, huh.”

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