Pray For Jamie Foxx: Sports Fans Remember The High School QB Turned Actor

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The “Any Given Sunday” actor Jamie Foxx has been fighting for his life at a Georgia-based medical facility for weeks with an unknown medical condition.

While people say he’s doing OK, doctors are trying to get to the bottom of his problems, which is why he is not out of the hospital yet.

On Wednesday, the sports world continued to express their support and well wishes for Foxx and his family.

Jamie Foxx At An Event
Jamie Foxx At An Event (Source: Vulture)

Sports fans around the world are keeping Foxx and his family in their thoughts and prayers.

Foxx’s loved ones are reportedly holding out hope he will make a full recovery but are preparing for the worst as his health continues to decline.

Did Foxx Play Football As A High Schooler?

The answer is a big fat YES. 

Jamie attended Terrell High School, where he received top grades and was a varsity football QB and basketball team member.

Jamie Foxx During His High School
Jamie Foxx During His High School (Source: Twitter)

He played football as a quarterback and was the first player in the school’s history to pass for more than 1,000 yards.

His goal was to play for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL).

Any Given Sunday

Jamie Foxx played the role of Willie Beamen, a third-string quarterback who becomes the star of the Miami Sharks after the injuries of the first and second-string quarterbacks.

The talented but cocky player clashes with his coach and teammates very often. 

He becomes a star player who leads the team to several victories. However, along with success, he develops a big ego and alienates his coach and teammates.

He also faces racism and criticism from the media and fans.

Jamie Foxx On Any Given Sunday
Jamie Foxx On Any Given Sunday Alongside Al Pacino (Source: IMDb)

Beaman eventually learns to respect his coach and work with his team, which helps them win the final game of the season against a tough opponent.

He also reconciles with his girlfriend, who had left him because of his fame and attitude.

Foxx’s performance in the movie was widely praised by critics and audiences. He showed incredible range in his performance and held his own despite sharing the screen with one of the film’s greats, Al Pacino.

Additionally, he displayed his football skills and his rap talent in the film.

What Happened To Jamie Foxx Doing Mike Tyson?

Jamie Foxx was initially set to play Mike Tyson in a biopic of the boxing legend’s life, which featured big names like Martin Scorsese and Antoine Fuqua.

However, concerns were raised about Foxx’s age and whether he would be able to convincingly portray Tyson at all stages of his life.

Unfortunately, the project never came to fruition, leaving fans disappointed. Instead, Trevante Rhodes played the role of ‘Iron’ Mike in a Hulu original series titled “Mike,” which did not receive Tyson’s approval.

He claimed the show was made without his permission, and there were issues with the naming rights.

Despite this setback, Tyson has expressed a desire to share his story in a unique and unexpected way.

Jamie Foxx Health Update

On May 3, 2023, Foxx shared his first words after being hospitalized due to a mysterious health scare that occurred on the set of his upcoming movie.

The Oscar-winning actor expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support he has received on Instagram, where he shared a post that read, “Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed,” along with emojis of praying hands, a love heart, and a fox.

The Professional Actor Jamie Foxx Admitted To The Hospital
The Professional Actor Jamie Foxx Admitted To The Hospital (Source: YouTube)

The 56-year-old also received numerous well wishes and messages from fans and famous personalities in the comments section.

Players Bio “We cannot lose this legend so soon. Prayers for Jamie Foxx’s speedy recovery.

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