Jamison Battle Parents: Father Terrell Battle And Mother Darcy Goede

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American college basketball player Jamison Battle comes from a family boasting a sporting lineage, with his parents involved in basketball and the corporate world.

Furthermore, his father is highly knowledgeable about basketball and assists with his son’s career progression.

American College Basketball Star Jamison Battle
American College Basketball Star Jamison Battle (Source: ESPN)

Jamison Battle is an American college basketball player starring for Ohio State in the Big Ten Conference.

Before moving to Ohio, he formerly played for the Minnesota Golden Gophers and the George Washington Colonials. 

Jamison Battle Parents: Terrell Battle & Darcy Goede

The college basketball athlete was born to parents: his father, Terrell Battle, and his mother, Darcy Goede.

Terrell is a graduate of Winston-Salem State University. Additionally, he played college basketball.

Subsequently, Jamison has chosen to walk the path laid by his father, upholding the proud sporting tradition of his family lineage.

Aside from playing, Terrell is also a highly experienced individual in the corporate sector. He is the Senior Director at the Timberwolves and Lynx Basketball Academy.

Transitioning his basketball athletic journey to a corporate office, he still contributes to the sport he has loved all his life.

In his role at the Timberwolves and Lynx Basketball Academy, he leverages his expertise to shape the future of basketball. The academy is a skill development hub, fostering the next generation of aspiring athletes.

Jamison Battle Father Terrell Battle
Jamison Battle Father Terrell Battle (Source: Timberwolves Basketball Academy)

Previous to this job, he has also held high-profile managerial roles at various organizations. Subsequently, his experience in the sports management field is invaluable to any company.

Regarding his relationship with his son, Jamison, he supports his athletic endeavors wholeheartedly.

Having children playing basketball is a thing to cherish for Terrell. Subsequently, he offers his advice and attends games whenever he can.

He was a proud father after Jamison signed up for a Big Ten Conference college. However, he stated he was not surprised and always believed in his son’s hard work.

Additionally, he stated he wants Jamison to maintain the balance between academics and athletics, a challenge to every student-athlete.

“Everything is going well. He loves school and he knows what he needs to do from an academic standpoint and what needs to be done from a basketball standpoint, which is continuing to grow and get better.”

Guided by the knowledge and wisdom imparted by his father, Jamison is poised to embark on a promising journey in his basketball career. The invaluable support and mentorship serve as a solid foundation for his goals.

His Mother Is A High-Profile Business Figure

Speaking of his mother, Darcy is a Senior Business Program Manager in the Greater Minneapolis area.

She has worked for nearly 25 years at Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC, offering her financial expertise.

Furthermore, she possesses a diverse skill set and excels in various areas such as Business Process Improvement, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Vendor Management, and Project Portfolio Management.

Jamison Battle Mother Darcy Goede
Jamison Battle Mother Darcy Goede (Source: StarTribune)

Her proficiency in these domains reflects a well-rounded expertise that contributes significantly to the success and efficiency of projects under her guidance.

On the other hand, Jamison is grateful for her sacrifices in his athletic journey and calls her his biggest supporter.

“She knows the goals I have and that I need to excel on the court. She’s my biggest supporter.”

Undoubtedly, Jamison Battle comes from a family of successful individuals, each excelling at their craft. This stems from their familial values of hard work and a common desire to keep improving at what they do.

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