Jaren Hall Brother: Meet Kyson, KJ, And Dawsen Hall- Parents & Family

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Jaren Hall hails from a family deeply rooted in athleticism, with all three of his brother/s proudly donning the colors of BYU as athletes.

Moreover, his athletic prowess doesn’t stop with his siblings; his parents also stand out for their remarkable achievements in the sporting realm.

Given this impressive familial background, it is no surprise that Jaren Hall and his brother/s exhibit exceptional athletic prowess.

Jaren Hall: A Display of Athletic Prowess in Action
Jaren Hall: A Display of Athletic Prowess in Action (Source: Instagram)

Jaren Hall currently serves as the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL.

The Minnesota Vikings made a strategic move by selecting Hall in the fifth round of the 2023 NFL Draft, securing him as the 164th overall pick.

Before making his mark in the NFL, Hall honed his football skills in the collegiate arena, playing for Brigham Young University (BYU).

His time with the BYU football program was a crucial stepping stone to his professional career.

Legacy of Excellence: The Hall Brothers and BYU’s Sporting Triumphs

The Hall family has left an indelible mark on the Brigham Young University sports landscape, with each brother showcasing unique talents and a commitment to athletic and personal development.

This trio of accomplished athletes, Kyson, KJ, and Dawen Hall, exemplifies the spirit of excellence that characterizes BYU’s sporting legacy.

Kyson Hall’s Journey: BYU Highlights and Beyond

Embarking on his inaugural season with the BYU football program in 2022, Kyson Hall is already making waves.

Having joined the ranks through BYU’s esteemed 2021 recruiting class, Hall brings his athletic prowess and a dedication to academic excellence with a major in Mechanical Engineering.

Hall’s journey to BYU was marked by his recognition as a three-star recruit by 247Sports and ESPN.

247Sports rated him as the No. 1 wide receiver in Utah, further underscoring his prowess.

These accolades serve as a testament to his exceptional skills and potential.

Kyson Hall
Jaren Hall Brother, Kyson Hall (Source: byucougars)

Before making a mark in collegiate football, Kyson Hall was a three-year letter winner in football, showcasing his talent on the field.

Additionally, he displayed versatility and athleticism by actively participating in varsity basketball and baseball at Maple Mountain.

KJ Hall: BYU’s Dynamic Running Back and Personal Journey

KJ Hall significantly impacted as a running back during his two-season stint with BYU, beginning in 2016.

Beyond the football field, his journey includes a notable high school career, missionary service, and a commitment to family life.

Before donning the BYU jersey, KJ Hall honed his skills at Maple Mountain High School.

Under the guidance of coach Brad Burtenshaw, he showcased his athletic prowess, laying the foundation for his future success as a running back.

KJ Hall
Jaren Hall Brother, KJ Hall (Source: byucougars)

Taking a hiatus from football, KJ Hall dedicated time to serving a mission in the Mexico City East mission.

In addition to his football and missionary endeavors, KJ Hall is known for his commitment to family.

He is happily married to his wife, Kinsley, and together, they navigate life’s journey, both on and off the field.

Dawen Hall: A Junior Outfielder’s Journey at BYU

Dawen Hall, a talented junior-class baseball player, has become a key Brigham Young University (BYU) player.

Beyond the baseball diamond, he actively pursues academic achievements, engages in missionary service, and boasts a diverse athletic background.

Dawen Hall has contributed significantly to the Brigham Young University baseball team as a standout outfielder.

Dawsen Hall
Jaren Hall Brother, Dawsen Hall (Source: Instagram)

In addition to his achievements in baseball, Dawen Hall is pursuing a major in Global Studies, highlighting his dedication to expanding his knowledge beyond the athletic realm.

The Hall Legacy: A Family of Gifted Athletes

The Hall family stands out in sports as a testament to genetic athleticism and a tradition of excellence.

The remarkable athletic prowess of Jaren Hall and his brothers comes as no surprise, owing much of their natural talent to the athletic lineage passed down by their standout athlete parents.

The Hall siblings inherited their athletic genes from parents who excelled in their respective sports while at Brigham Young University (BYU).

Jaren Hall With His Wife And Parents
Jaren Hall With His Wife And Parents (Source: Instagram)

Kalin, their father, left an indelible mark as a running back for the BYU football team during the 1992-93 seasons.

Simultaneously, their mother, Hollie Hamilton, showcased her talents as a gymnast at BYU in 1993, adding to the family’s impressive athletic legacy.

The Hall brothers, guided by the legacy of their parents, have seamlessly integrated into the world of collegiate athletics, each carving their path to success.

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