Jasmine Plummer(1993): The first-ever female quarterback for a Pop Warner football team.

Women are not expected to do well in sports because of their stereotypical images. Whatever they would do, wherever they would go, they used to be, more or less, subjected to inferiorities, binary to what men had to offer.

However, the trend has undergone plenty of changes over time. Women’s involvement in sports is escalating as they are getting support and recognition worldwide for their potential. 

Jasmine Plummer
Jasmine Plummer

Jasmine Plummer is one of the very few women footballers who earned herself fame and inspires women to live their dreams. Plummer is well known as the first-ever female quarterback in the 56th Annual Pop Warner Super Bowl. 

She was born and raised in Harvey, Illinois, and she started playing football as a kid, coached by her uncle. She got enrolled in the Harvey Colts as starting quarterback for the 7-to-9-year-old division.

Jasmine was a bright student who always got A’s in her elementary school named Angelou Elementary School. Then, she had joined Joliet West High School. Besides this, she hasn’t revealed her higher education history.

She was a demure child. Eventually, she realizes the change in her personality when she became a part of football, for she was assertive while playing, unlike her nature in general.

Quick Facts

Full NameJasmine Plummer
Birth Date
Birth PlaceHarvey, Illinois, United States,
Age28 years old
EducationJoliet West High School
Father’s NameUnknown
Mother’s NameCassandra Johnson
Height5 feet 4 inch
Shoe SizeN/A
Eye ColorDark
Hair ColorDark
Marital StatusNot Married
ProfessionFootball Player
Movie The Longshot
Net Worth$2.7 million US
Awards and AchievementsNot available
Social MediaFacebook
MerchNot available
Last UpdateNovember, 2022

Personal life of Jasmine Plummer

Jasmine Plummer personal Life
Jasmine Plummer personal Life

Talking about her personal life, Plummer was born in December 1993. She hasn’t married yet nor has children and is currently single.

Plummer is just focusing on her career and giving more time to herself. She usually doesn’t speak about her personal life in the media or public and hasn’t mentioned her affairs publically. Moreover, she has managed to keep it low profile.

Hallmark of her professional career

In 2003, she made history by claiming the same title for herself when she was 11. She became a household name in athletics in the US back then for her achievement, firstly as a female athlete and secondly as the first-ever black woman to do so. Her story is depicted in the film The Longshots. (2008)

The film The Longshots was shot mostly in northwestern Louisiana, with the majority being in Minden’s small city. It was filmed at Minden High School and the Webster Parish Alternative School.

Jasmine Plummer movie
Jasmine Plummer movie

Initially, Plummer played as a linebacker, and she would take any football match as a competitive wrestler. Since she was a woman of color with a giant body, her teammates did not first give her a warm welcome.

The negativity did not last long as they soon began to win matches because of Plummer, which changed their perception and led to a positive and happy acceptance into their team despite her ethnicity(afro-American) and appearance.

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She was a 4-foot-9 and weighed 90pounds, which made her a bit more succeeding for someone of her age when it came to her physical power.

Her winning culture was first progressing for the team, prompting her uncle to change her position to a linebacker because of her speed and strength in the field.

Although her mom, Cassandra Johnson, did not support her at all, her uncle Fred Johnson was the one who saw potential in her and coached her for the real matches.

professional career of Jasmine Plummer
professional career of Jasmine Plummer

She became a star in football and her athletic endeavors, including track and field and varsity basketball for Joliet West High School.

Even there, not only did she shine, but also she paved the way for other female athletes, with Pop Warner’s football enrollment by girls doubling since her quarterback days.

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Pop Warner Little Scholars, commonly known simply as Pop Warner, the largest youth football organization in the United States.

It is a non-profit organization that provides American football activities, for over 425,000 youths aged 5 to 16 years old, in different nations across the globe.

Body measurements/ Physical description

Jasmine is a beautiful, strong woman with a great personality. Likewise, she has dark eyes and dark hair. Besides this, there is no information regarding her other body measures noted anywhere in public records.

Jasmine Plummer Net Worth

Jasmine Plummer is a very hard-working player. Along with earning a name through her athletic endeavors, she has also earned a huge amount of money through her profession, mainly football.

Her estimated net worth is approximately US 500k, and her earnings as a football player is around $2.7 million.

Plummer’s Impacts on female football players

Statistics suggest that in the US, the girls who are actively participating in football have drastically burgeoned to more than double than it was in the past 5 years ranging from 5,000- 12500.

They claim that they should not be exclude from football or any other game because of the assumption that women cannot, for they are considered fragile.

Jasmine Plummer childhood
Jasmine Plummer childhood

She gave a new realization and a renewed perspective about girl’s participation in football. She also brought a new approach to football and women footballers by altering the treatment of coaches and old-school football society.

Although Plummer does not take any credit for setting the trend, the fact that she played the role of a tremendous inspiration cannot be overshadowed. 

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Even after she made it possible to grab the first-ever female athlete’s title in a quarterback, her mother decided for her that the game should go back to being a boys-only sport.

Later, she quit football after five years in Pop Warner football and plans to become an athletic trainer and a WNBA(Women’s National Basketball Association) player.

Plummer no longer plays football at present. She aspires to be a professional football and basketball player one day.

Tribute to Plummer

To honor Plummer for her exceptional game and for being the first-ever black woman to be a quarterback that too at such a young age of 11, a movie named The Longshots was made in 2008.

It is an American comedy-drama sports film based on the real-life events of Jasmine Plummer, the first female to participate in the Pop Warner football tournament.

Jasmine Plummer personal Life
Jasmine Plummer personal Life

The movie is made based on the true-life experiences of Jasmine Plummer and under the direction of Fred Durst.

In the movie, Ice Cube appears as Curtis Plummer(Jasmine’s uncle and coach), who is a down-on-his-luck former high school football star that turns his niece Jasmine (played by Keke Palmer)  into the quarterback of the local team named “Minden Browns.”

He gets his grip back when he becomes the team’s coach after the current coach Fisher (played by Matt Craven), becomes ill.

Later, when Curtis became their new leader, the same misfits’ team won and made its way to the “Pop Warner Super Bowl” that made the small city of Illinois ignite with the spirit the team shared and became the pride and glory of the whole town. 

Jasmine Plummer
Jasmine Plummer

She wanted her parents to support her, but sadly, she could not be lucky as they never partially supported her.

We hope she soon finds out that not her own parents but her uncle is the one who truly cares about her and is very committed to being there in any way possible when she needs a father figure and best friend the most to keep her spirit up.

Jasmine looks up to her uncle and honors him by wearing his old jersey number, #11.

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Fred Johnson seems to be a confidant, a friend, a father figure, and Jasmine’s best friend who supported her in every step of her life, which is also beautifully presented in the movie by Fred Durst starring Ice Cube and Keke Palmer.

Some FAQs

Did Jasmine Plummer suffer from Covid-19?

No Jasmine did not suffer from Covid-19.

What college did Jasmine Plummer attend?

Jasmine Plummer attended Joliet West High School.

Is Jasmine Plummer in a Relationship? 

No, Jasmine is not in a relationship and is enjoying her single life at the moment.

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