Jauan Jennings Brother: Kendal Jennings & Tony Holman

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The San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jauan Jennings comes from a family with a great sporting legacy and has an elder brother who is a former all-state basketball player.

The athletic and agile 49ers wide receiver is known for his offensive versatility and physicality among NFL admirers.

Subsequently, his sporting DNA comes from his athletic family and siblings, who have a great lineage in different sports.

49ers Wide Receiver Jauan Jennings
49ers Wide Receiver Jauan Jennings (Source: ESPN)

Jauan Jennings is a professional football player who plays as a wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL.

Known for his physical style of play, Jennings gained recognition for his outstanding performances during his college career at the University of Tennessee.

The 49ers selected him in the seventh round of the 2020 NFL Draft, and he has since contributed to the team’s receiving corps. Notably, he was a member of their NFC championship-winning side in 2024.

Jauan Jennings Brother

To begin with, Jauan was born and raised in Tennessee with his five siblings. The Jennings family’s involvement in athletics is extensive, ranging from parents recognized in the college hall of fame to an older brother achieving all-state status.

Describing the depth of their connection to sports as anything less than profound would be an understatement.

Subsequently, Jauan has an older brother, Kendal Jennings, who was involved with basketball.

A former all-state player, he transitioned to college-level competition. Despite not entering the NBA, his achievements in amateur sports underscored his athletic excellence.

Jauan Jennings Has Five Siblings
Jauan Jennings Has Five Siblings (Source: Niners Nation)

Similarly, Jauan also has another elder brother, Tony Holman. Although there is little information regarding his personal life, Jauan has praised him and his support in interviews.

In a piece for the 49ers website, he talked about how Tony helped him with football practice during the lockdown period.

“I would hit a field nearby to run routes. Sometimes, my brother Tony would come over and throw to me. During quarantine, you’ve got to get creative with your preparation, so I had to make it happen at the house.”

Undoubtedly, the success of Jauan Jennings in the NFL comes from his familial ties with supportive siblings.

The sporting genes of the siblings come from their athletic parents. Jauan’s father, Bennie Jennings, is a UNA Hall of Famer, in addition to his previous roles as an NFL and World League of American Football player.

Similarly, Angela, Jauan’s mother, was a standout athlete in track and basketball at the University of North Alabama.

The Sibling Love Runs Deep

Self-motivated and driven, Jauan Jennings finds all the inspiration he needs for success within his family. The 49ers WR benefits from a supportive environment that fuels his determination.

Apart from the brothers, Jauan has an older sister, Alexis, who played college basketball for South Carolina.

Additionally, she has also gone on to pursue professional basketball and plays in Puerto Rico.

Jauan Jennings And Sister Alexis
Jauan Jennings And Sister Alexis (Source: Knox News)

Additionally, the siblings are accomplished athletes and support each other, forming a strong familial bond.

Jauan mentioned in past interviews that the siblings are close and try to keep in touch with each other no matter what.

Additionally, they all share a spirit of competition, driving and motivating each other to pursue excellence.

“We’re a sports family. Every sport that deals with a ball, we just like to handle it. That’s just how we grew up. That’s how our parents raised us: to always compete in a lot of sports.”

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