Jaxson Dart Girlfriend, Lola Sexton: A High School Love Story

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Jaxson Dart and his girlfriend, Lola Sexton, share a unique and enduring love story that began during their high school days at Corner Canyon High School in Draper, Utah.

Despite pursuing vastly different careers, their bond has only grown stronger over the past two years.

Jaxson Dart is a rising star in the world of professional football, currently playing for the Ole Miss Rebels.

His journey from high school football to college showcases his dedication and passion for the sport.

Lola Sexton And Jaxson
Lola Sexton And Jaxson (Source: Instagram)

Lola Sexton, on the other hand, is not only an influential figure on social media but also a talented hair extension and color specialist.

Her creativity and entrepreneurship shine through in her own line of hair products, making her a business-savvy individual at a young age.

Their love story dates back to high school when they first crossed paths.

Over time, their connection deepened, and they embarked on a romantic journey that has endured through their teenage years.

Despite the differences in their careers, Jaxson and Lola share a profound understanding and support for each other’s choices.

Jaxson Dart Girlfriend Lola Sexton Is A Hairstylist

Jaxson Dart girlfriend, Lola Sexton, is not only a talented hairstylist and extension specialist but also a prominent figure in the Utah community, particularly among teenagers.

Her remarkable products, which mainly focus on hair and personal care, have earned her a significant following and made her a local sensation.

Jaxson Dart Girlfriend, Lola Sexton: A High School Love Story
Beautiful Lola Sexton (Source: Instagram)

Lola is also a famous social media influencer, captivating audiences with her entertaining TikTok videos.

On her TikTok page, @lola_sexton, she shares a wide array of funny challenges and skits, providing a glimpse into her life and personality.

With her widespread popularity, she consistently engages with her audience through media appearances and online content, offering a unique window into her life and her loving relationship with Jaxson Dart.

Jaxson Dart Girlfriend Lola Sexton Was Born In Utah

Born in 2004, Lola has recently turned 20, marking an exciting milestone in her life.

She was raised and has always lived in Utah, sharing a profound connection with her home state.

When asked about her future plans and where she envisions herself living, she firmly expresses her love for Utah and her intention to continue residing there.

Lola Sexton’s story is not just one of personal and professional success but also a celebration of love and dedication in her relationship with Jaxson Dart.

Together, they are a shining example of youthful romance and shared ambitions, both deeply rooted in their beloved Utah community.

Jaxson Dart Girlfriend Lola Has A Twin Sister, Lily

Lola Sexton’s family is a close-knit and strikingly attractive group with seven members.

Lola herself is blessed with a twin sister named Lily, who is her spitting image, often confusing those who meet them.

Alongside her twin sister, Lola also has a brother named Jack, and together, they make quite the trio.

Jaxson Dart Girlfriend, Lola Sexton: A High School Love Story
The Triplet Archive (Source: Instagram)

In addition to Lola, Lily, and Jack, there are two more members of the Sexton family, Khloe and Halle Sexton.

With Kari Sexton as their loving mother, this family of seven is not only characterized by their stunning looks but also by their tight-knit connections and shared moments of joy and love.

Lola And Jaxson Went To Same High School

Lola Sexton, a Corner Canyon High School graduate, has a significant history with her high school sweetheart, Jaxson, with whom she’s been in a loving relationship for the past three years.

Her graduation day, which took place on May 27, 2022, was a momentous occasion that she shared with her classmates.

Lola sent a heartfelt photo from the ceremony to her fellow graduates, accompanied by a message that read, “to the last,” where she expressed her gratitude to each individual for their presence in her life during her high school journey.

Jaxson Dart Girlfriend, Lola Sexton: A High School Love Story
Lola’s Graduation (Source: Instagram)

Lola and Jaxson, as a couple, radiated charm and elegance when they attended their prom together.

Jaxson was dashing in a suit paired with a red tie and shirt, while Lola looked stunning in a red dress, with her hair flowing gracefully.

Their relationship, born out of high school romance, has stood the test of time.

They remain inseparable, always showing their deep appreciation for each other’s company, making their love story even more heartwarming and enduring.


Who Is Jaxson Dart Girlfriend?

Jaxson Dart girlfriend is Lola Sexton. They share a unique and enduring love story that began during their high school days at Corner Canyon High School in Draper, Utah.

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