Jaylen Waddle Parents: Father Jaylen Waddle Sr. & Mother Lesha Redmon

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An American football wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins, Jaylen Waddle parents are father Jaylen Waddle Sr. and mother Lesha Redmon.

Waddle hails from Houston, Texas, and his journey to football stardom began at Episcopal High School.

During his time there, he distinguished himself as a standout talent, earning a four-star recruit ranking by ESPN and garnering All-American honors.

In a pivotal moment during his high school career, Waddle had the privilege of showcasing his skills in the U.S. Army All-American Game during his senior year.

Jaylen Waddle Parents: Father Jaylen Waddle Sr. & Mother Lesha Redmon
Jaylen Waddle Mother Lesha (Source: usatodayhss.com)

Despite receiving enticing offers from many renowned football programs, including Oregon, Florida State, LSU, and TCU, among others, Waddle ultimately decided to join forces with legendary coach Nick Saban. He became a part of the storied Alabama Crimson Tide football team.

This significant commitment was solidified on National Signing Day in 2018.

Jaylen Waddle Parents

Father Jaylen Waddle Sr. & Mother Lesha Redmon

Jaylen Waddle’s mother, Lesha, has always been his most ardent supporter, and her love for her son doesn’t prevent her from offering candid feedback, even when he makes mistakes. This became evident during a pivotal moment in the 2019 season.

In a thrilling showdown against Texas A&M, Waddle showcased his extraordinary skills as a punt returner, amassing an impressive total of over 120 yards on special teams during the game.

Jaylen Waddle Parents: Father Jaylen Waddle Sr. & Mother Lesha Redmon
Jaylen Waddle (Source: Instagram)

He came tantalizingly close to scoring a touchdown on a punt return, only to be foiled by the Aggies’ punter, who managed to make a crucial tackle on the lightning-fast return man.

Watching her son’s near-heroic feat, his mother couldn’t resist cracking a few playful jokes at his expense.

However, her love and seriousness were palpable beneath the humor as she gently scolded him for falling just short of the end zone.

Despite the good-natured ribbing from his mother, Waddle continued to solidify his reputation as an elite punt returner, to the extent that even former Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt humorously contemplated resorting to onside kicks to avoid putting the ball in the hands of this remarkable American football player.

Mother Lesha’s Message After Getting Drafted

Jaylen Waddle’s mother left a heartfelt message that was played for him after he was selected as the 6th overall pick by the Miami Dolphins in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Her words resonated with deep emotion and pride, reflecting the profound significance of this moment for both of them.

In her message, she conveyed her heartfelt congratulations to Jaylen, expressing her overwhelming sense of pride. She acknowledged that “proud” hardly did justice to the depth of her emotions on this occasion.

Jaylen Waddle Parents: Father Jaylen Waddle Sr. & Mother Lesha Redmon
Jaylen Waddle’s Mother’s Message To Him (Source: YouTube)

She addressed her parenting approach, recognizing that there were times when her strictness and passion for his development might have seemed overbearing or even embarrassing.

However, she explained that her actions were rooted in her belief that Jaylen was truly special.

She knew from the beginning that the day, the culmination of his hard work and talent, was destined to arrive.

Her message undoubtedly touched Jaylen’s heart, reinforcing the profound bond between mother and son and the sacrifices made along the journey to greatness.

What Do Jaylen Waddle Parents Do?

Jaylen Waddle’s father, a former high school football player who later pursued a career as a personal trainer, played a pivotal role in nurturing his love for the game and refining his athletic abilities.

Through countless hours of guidance and training, he not only imparted valuable football knowledge but also instilled in his son a deep passion for the sport.

On the other hand, Lesha Redmon, Jaylen’s mother, is his most enthusiastic supporter. As a dedicated nurse, she not only attends every one of his games but also places great emphasis on his education and personal development.

Her presence in his life, both on and off the field, has been a constant source of motivation and strength for Jaylen.

In Jaylen Waddle’s journey to success, he attributes a significant part of his achievements to his parents’ enduring presence and encouragement.

Their love, guidance, and support have played an integral role in shaping him into the exceptional athlete and individual he has become today.


Who Are Jaylen Waddle Parents?

Jaylen Waddle parents are father Jaylen Waddle Sr. and mother Lesha Redmon.

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