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Jayson Tatum is a renowned American professional basketball player who played for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA). On March 3, 1998, he was born to Justin Tatum and Brandy Cole, but he grew up as an influential baseball player. He has also won the 2019 Skills Challenge during NBA All-Star Weekend.

Moreover, he holds an American nationality consisting of mixed ethnicity. He joined Chaminade College Preparatory School in Creve Coeur, Missouri, and later, he attended Duke University. Let’s visit the top 81 quotes by Jayson Tatum below.

“I’m the biggest mama’s boy ever, and I’m proud to say it.”― Jayson Tatum

“At the end of the day, we all want to win, so everybody has to sacrifice when you want to be a part of something special.”― Jayson Tatum

“I’m looking to try to do more out there and just taking advantage of the opportunities that I’ve been given.”― Jayson Tatum

“My relationships with the Duke coaches were the best, and they made me a priority.”― Jayson Tatum

“It helps being on a good team with a winning culture and just being confident in myself.”― Jayson Tatum

“I was fortunate enough to make it to where I want to be. There could be other kids as talented or more talented than me in whatever they want to be but don’t have the resources to pursue their dream. Maybe they have to get a job instead to help their mom with the bills.”― Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum on field
Jayson Tatum on field

“I’m a big candle guy.”― Jayson Tatum

“If I see a spider in my room, I gotta sleep on the couch for, like, two days.”― Jayson Tatum

“When I play bad, I don’t get too down on myself. When I play good, I don’t get too hot.”― Jayson Tatum

“I play the best and have the most fun when the stage is brightest.”― Jayson Tatum

“I love Coach K’s passion to coach his players and to coach the game. I examined and watched the interaction between him and his staff, along with the players, and was impressed how hard they played.”― Jayson Tatum

12th of 81 Jayson Tatum Quotes

“I want to be the next Paul Pierce.”― Jayson Tatum

“I’m not afraid of anything.”― Jayson Tatum

“Being able to provide for your kids in a way that maybe your parents couldn’t do for you is a great feeling.”― Jayson Tatum

“One day I’d have 20 points, the next day two points. I was dribbling the ball off my leg. I couldn’t understand why. The media started asking me, ‘Is this because you are a new dad?’ I didn’t want to blame my son. There are plenty of people in much worse situations, and they make it work. I have to do that, too.”― Jayson Tatum

“Obviously, getting stronger is the key, and knowing how to use my body, knowing what to expect.”― Jayson Tatum

“That’s what I am trying to be, just trying to affect the game any way possible, rebounding, getting a block, or trying to get a stop even when your shot isn’t falling, because, at the end of the day, all that matters is whether you win or lose.”― Jayson Tatum

“I don’t really want to get too heavy, you know. I still want to be able to move in the paint.”― Jayson Tatum

“Coach K always wanted me to talk more, even when I was in college. That’s something I’m going to do as I get older.”― Jayson Tatum

“The East is tougher than a lot of people give us credit for.”― Jayson Tatum

“I just care about winning and doing what I can while I’m on the floor.”― Jayson Tatum

“I’m a pretty good free-throw shooter, so getting fouled is a good thing.”― Jayson Tatum

Kobe Bryant was the reason I started playing basketball – always was and will be my favorite player of all time. I love the way he could get his shot off, his footwork down in the post, just his determination to be the best player.”― Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum with his precious award
Jayson Tatum with his precious award

“I don’t know how to handle all the trade talks.”― Jayson Tatum

“I am growing up, but I still need help along the way.”― Jayson Tatum

“Most guys in my position don’t get drafted to such a high-caliber team like the Celtics, so it makes me work harder because I have to compete and earn everything.”― Jayson Tatum

“I’ve always lived with my mom. My whole life.”― Jayson Tatum

“Thin crust, provolone cheese, marinara sauce – it’s just a St. Louis thing. That’s what I grew up eating.”― Jayson Tatum

“When I was, like, 4 or 5, I’d just always tell – my mom would ask me what I wanted to be when I got older. And I would just be like, ‘I wanna be Kobe.’ She’d be like, ‘You wanna be in the NBA?’ ‘No, like, I wanna be Kobe.’”― Jayson Tatum

“I used to hate Boston.”― Jayson Tatum

31st of 81 Jayson Tatum Quotes

“I don’t really think about it. I just try to find my opportunity and then attack.”― Jayson Tatum

“My mom tried to not let me see how much we were struggling, but I noticed it. I think that’s what made me work harder. I saw how hard she was working, and I just wanted a better life for both of us.”― Jayson Tatum

“Not too many people know what they want to do at 3 and then go do it.”― Jayson Tatum

“There’s a lot of talented guys, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to go out there and get it. It’s really about who’s competing and who wants it more on both ends of the floor.”― Jayson Tatum

“There’s no better way to start your career than by playing probably the best guy in the league.”― Jayson Tatum

“The Celtics were always going to pick me No. 1, but Philly didn’t know that.”― Jayson Tatum

“All I used to want to do was shoot fadeaways like Kobe because he was my favorite player.”― Jayson Tatum

“Growing up with videos and YouTube, being able to see content from the ’90s – music and games – that really helped me stay connected with the time before me.”― Jayson Tatum

“Each person’s workout is really different. It’s tailored to be what’s most needed for them. Everybody’s different.”― Jayson Tatum

“Man, I’m always going to back up my teammates.”― Jayson Tatum

“School was very important. But I needed to watch basketball.”― Jayson Tatum

“I don’t have anything to eat in my house but chips and Gatorade.”― Jayson Tatum

“I still think it’s mind-blowing when famous people know who I am.”― Jayson Tatum

“It’s been a dream come true, you know, just making it to the NBA and being drafted by a great franchise like Boston.”― Jayson Tatum

“It feels great just finally knowing where I’m going and have some place to call home. And I’m glad it’s Boston.”― Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum quote on rumors
Jayson Tatum quote on rumors

“Because I grew up in a single parent home with my mom, growing up, things weren’t always the best.”― Jayson Tatum

“The Single Mothers Program is something I would love to start if I’m fortunate enough to make it to the NBA and things like that.”― Jayson Tatum

“My parents are supportive of me, whatever school I go to.”― Jayson Tatum

“No matter what team you’re playing for, the ultimate goal is to be the last team standing.”― Jayson Tatum

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“There’s no greater feeling, I would imagine, than winning a national championship in that one year and then hopefully going to the NBA.”― Jayson Tatum

“Talent level, I feel like if I’m not the best, I’m one or two. I think it’s just opportunity, the situation that you’re in, and who’s on your team. I think I’ve done all right.”― Jayson Tatum

“If somebody was to ask me who is the best rookie, I would tell them I was.”― Jayson Tatum

“You gotta have confidence in yourself first before anybody else will. I’ve always had that.”― Jayson Tatum

54th of 81 Jayson Tatum Quotes

“Anytime I play another rookie, there’s that extra edge.”― Jayson Tatum

“I grew up watching LeBron and asking him to follow me back on Twitter, going to his camps. So just to be able to compete against a player like him and be a few shots away from beating him and his team to go to a championship is something I will always remember.”― Jayson Tatum

“I just enjoy playing in the big moments, in the big games.”― Jayson Tatum

“I think that’s when I have the most fun: when things are on the line.”― Jayson Tatum

“I dreamed of having big moments and having a big role. That obviously came a lot sooner than I thought.”― Jayson Tatum

“I’ve been watching Kobe ever since I can remember.”― Jayson Tatum

“I used to watch LeBron on TV growing up, and now I’m playing my first game against him.”― Jayson Tatum

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“All good players have to do that, to learn how to get better throughout the season. Just really work on my body. Just try to stay healthy and be stronger. Just try to get bigger.”― Jayson Tatum

“Guys are going to be physical, especially with me being the young guy. That tends to happen a lot. It’s just guys trying to be stronger and bigger than me, so they’re just trying to be more physical.”― Jayson Tatum

“I feel like when I’m out there, I’m on the court, I just try to figure it out.”― Jayson Tatum

“I just try to stay in my little circle. And I don’t try to do too much. And when my opportunity comes, I just try to make the most of it.”― Jayson Tatum

“You work all season to earn the trust of your teammates and the coaching staff.”― Jayson Tatum

“You’ve just got to go out there and make the right play.”― Jayson Tatum

“Once you get to the tournament, it’s like, win or go home.”― Jayson Tatum

“Every time I shoot, I think it’s going in. I get upset when it doesn’t.”― Jayson Tatum

“I don’t think I really like going to class that much.”― Jayson Tatum

“I remember placing the New Era cap on my head at the 2017 NBA draft – that moment changed my life. I’m excited to be a part of a brand that has a strong sport heritage and look forward to being a part of their history.”― Jayson Tatum

“I gained, like, 20 pounds in, like, two and a half, three weeks. So I just got too big too fast, and my body wasn’t adjusted to that.”― Jayson Tatum

“I guess people looked at me in college, said I couldn’t shoot or play defense. I proved them wrong.”― Jayson Tatum

“It’s a lot of fun, especially when you’re winning. Playing at home in front of the best fans – doesn’t get any better than that.”― Jayson Tatum

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“I didn’t expect this – to be 19, be a rookie, playing this much and having a kid. It’s a lot, but, I mean, I’m enjoying it.”― Jayson Tatum

“You’ve just got to bring it every night. And that’s what makes the great players great.”― Jayson Tatum

“Just keep having fun. It’s basketball. So that’s what I’m going to keep doing.”― Jayson Tatum

“The playoffs bring the best out of people.”― Jayson Tatum

78th of 81 Jayson Tatum Quotes

“I got to go to practice one day, shoot around, and rebound for LeBron James. That was still an unreal experience.”― Jayson Tatum

“Meeting Kobe, it was of the greatest feelings ever.”― Jayson Tatum

“Every since I started playing basketball, I wanted to be just like Kobe. To get to see him play in person, and to meet him, was just a dream come true.”― Jayson Tatum

“Obviously understand what’s at stake, and keep going. You just have to keep going, keep playing.”― Jayson Tatum

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