Jerome Garrett Obituary & Death: Remembering The Football Referee

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Jerome Garrett Obituary: In a tragic turn of events, the whistle fell silent as the sport of football mourns the untimely death of a dedicated referee, Jerome Garrett.

Jerome Garrett was one of the most experienced and respected referees in football.

A testament to his excellent persona, social media has been filling up with posts paying tribute to him.

Referee Jerome Garrett
Referee Jerome Garrett (Source: Facebook)

Jerome Garrett was a prominent name in the local football scene of suburban New Jersey.

Helping young referees and young football players learn the game through his lens; his death is a great shock to the people of his community.

Jerome Garrett Obituary And Death

On a dark American football day, the referee took his last breath on January 17, 2024.

Although not involved in the glitz and glamour of the NFL, most of Jerome’s contributions came in local and amateur football.

He not only helped coach young aspiring referees, but he was also involved in tutoring budding football players.

Jerome Was A Highly Respected Figure
Jerome Was A Highly Respected Figure (Source: Facebook)

Affectionately named ‘Big Rome’ by his admirers, Jerome was a light-hearted individual who always maintained dignity while doing his job.

Involved heavily in the grassroots football of the state of New Jersey, Jerome leaves behind a void that will be impossible to fill.

Undoubtedly, from the tributes pouring out for him on Facebook, his positive influence seems to be on young stars.

Remembered for fairness and passion, Jerome’s passing echoes a profound loss in the football community. He will be sorely missed.

Tribute Messages

As heartfelt tributes pour in across social media platforms, the football community mourns the death of Jerome Garrett with deep sorrow.

Notably, his contributions extended even beyond the football field.

Leaving an enduring mark on the African American community of suburban New Jersey, his legacy is immortal.

David Klemic, a native of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, described him as a stern yet fun-loving personality.

“Jerome Garrett, I will miss you. He taught all of us to play the game that we all love fairly while also being fun and stern. He was the greatest official I’ve ever known. God has you and helps us with the game of life.”

Similarly, an aspiring referee, Lamar Fisher, hailed Jerome because he wore the uniform and was involved in the game.

“He is the reason why I wear that outfit, and he is the reason why I am becoming one of the best umpires. I am going to miss our everyday talks and our after-the-game routine. Rest easy, my guy.”

Undoubtedly, the late referee touched the hearts of all with his passion for the game and genuine spirit.

His impact was a testament to the love and respect he garnered from everyone fortunate to know him.

Talking of another heartfelt tribute, New Jersey native Jeff Wakefield described Jerome as a funny person who taught him much about life.

“Rest easy Rome! Throw flags on wrongdoings up there too! Been around my whole sports career telling me to be humble and shut my mouth! But after the game tell me he enjoyed watching me play and some of the things I talked about were funny as hell!!! Rest easy, my guy!”

From all the tribute messages, Jerome Garrett’s impact on the local grassroots level of New Jersey football is unparalleled.

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