John Berylson Wife Amy And Three Kids Remember His Legacy

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The American businessman and philanthropist John Berylson passed away on July 4 this year at 70. Though the tragedy has damaged his family irreparably, Berylson has left a rich legacy that continues to impact his loved ones, mainly his wife, Amy, and three kids.

He founded an investment company called Chestnut Hill Ventures LLC in 2002. Aside from that, he held trustee positions at numerous renowned organizations across the United States.

With his wife, Amy, John founded the Amy Smith and John G. Berylson Foundation solely for charitable purposes.

In association with the Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation, they primarily provided academic support to children from low-income families in Boston.

The Late American Businessman John Berylson
The Late American Businessman John Berylson (Source: Daily Star)

A graduate of Harvard Business School, John held directorial positions at various organizations during his lifetime, including the Youngworld Stores Group and Manifold Capital Corp. 

Moreover, he once served in the US Marine Corps and was an avid sports enthusiast.

Speaking more on that, his favorite baseball team was the Boston Red Sox of the MLB. Similarly, being the chairman of the English soccer club Millwall also shows his love for soccer.

At one point, the media constantly criticized him for secretly supporting the Republican party despite posing outside as a progressive. However, he kept denying it and claimed that he was a Democrat. 

Regardless of his stance, his absence is a massive loss to the business fraternity, and the news of his accidental death has deeply saddened those who knew him.

John Berylson Wife, Amy Smith, And Family

Amy Smith was born to her parents, Richard A. Smith and Susan Flax, in Massachusetts, United States.

Aside from Amy, her parents had three other kids, including Debra Smith Knez, the wife of Brian Knez, the managing director of Castanea Partners.

Sadly, one of her brothers, James Smith, passed away in 1970.

Her dad, Richard, was the son of American businessman Philip Smith. Initially involved in a drive-in movie theatre company founded by his dad, he later became the CEO of the General Cinema Corporation.

Amy Smith With Her Dad And Siblings
Amy Smith (Seated) With Her Dad And Siblings (Source: Amy Smith Foundation)

Born into a wealthy family, Amy and her siblings had no hardships while growing up.

After graduating from Beaver Country Day School, she enrolled in Harvard University for her undergraduate degree and obtained her MBA.

Learning from her dad, Amy was highly involved in philanthropy. For years, they have been awarding about $15 million annually to various organizations through Smith Family Foundation.

Marriage With John, Kids, And Berylson’s Death

Amy Smith married John Berylson in August 1978. The two met while pursuing their MBA at Harvard Business School and fell in love.

Soon after graduation, the two decided to spend their lives together, and their marriage announcement was published in The New York Times on June 4, 1978.

Millwall FC's Statement Confirming John Berylson's Death
Millwall FC’s Official Statement Confirming John Berylson’s Death (Source: Facebook)

The couple had three children; daughters named Elizabeth and Jennifer and a son named James.

Their children are also associated with Smith Family Foundations and are active philanthropists.

Following Berylson’s death in an unfortunate car accident, Amy and her three adult kids have been devastated.

Though they have not made any statements yet, Millwall FC confirmed the passing of their owner and chairman on Tuesday evening through their official Twitter handle.

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