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English soccer player, John Stones’ parents, Peter and Janet Stones, raised him in Barnsley, England. Stones grew up alongside his sister, Jenny. 

Growing up, the Manchester City defender always dreamt of playing in Barnsley and Wembley stadiums. At age 28, Stones has gone on to accomplish both the feat. 

John Stones Gets Ready To Launch The Ball Up Field During A Game At Etihad
John Stones Gets Ready To Launch The Ball Up Field During A Game At Etihad (Source: Instagram)

There were a few seasons under Pep Guardiola and his high-flying City squad when it looked as if Stones would lose his spot.

But this season, the English defender has nothing but thrived alongside his teammate Ruben Dias. 

John Stones Parents Peter And Janet Stones 

John Stones’ parents, Peter and Janet Stones have always remained away from the limelight, even when their son debuted in the PL in 2013 with Everton or when he became one of the most wanted signings, all over England in 2016.

Clubs like United and Chelsea were in the mix to get his signature, but in the end, City came through with the transfer.

In his interview with England Football in 2022, Stones talked briefly about his parents’ role in his development as a player. 

Stones said his parents would take him to the local park to play soccer, and that is when he fell in love with the sport. It was his father who then persuaded him to join a local team.

John Stones Blows Kiss To The Home Fans At Etihad Stadium
John Stones Blows Kiss To The Home Fans At Etihad Stadium (Source: Instagram)

Every Wednesday, Stones would then turn up to train with the local team, which later became his norm. Janet and Peter remained supportive of John’s soccer career, which let him flourish in the field. 

Since joining Manchester City in a record-breaking transfer move in 2016, Stones has won his fair share of trophies. The center-back has won four premier league titles and a FA Cup. 

The only trophy that haunts him and Pep Guardiola‘s men is the Champions League, which they are in contention to win this season. 

Though Jenny and Peter do not outwardly show their support for their son by sharing photos on Instagram or Facebook, it’s a no-brainer that they are proud parents. 

From watching their son play week in and week out in the best team in the world to see him wear the England shirt, Janet and Peter have lived the dreams of many parents. 

John Stones Family Includes His Sister Jenny Stones 

John Stones comes from a family with not much background in sports. 

He is one of the first athletes in his family, making his achievements even greater. Recently, the English defender talked about his family in a YouTube video shared by The Emirates FA Cup.

Jenny Stones
Jenny Stones, Sister of John Stones (Source: Instagram) 

Stones was asked about his tattoos, which have gained the attention of many soccer fans. One of the tattoos on his leg is of his grandparents.

It was one of the ways the City defender honored his late grandparents. 

His Sister Jenny Stones Works At Boohoo Group

Jenny Stones, the older sister of John Stones is a merchandiser at Boohoo Group. 

She graduated with a degree in Geography from Sheffield Hallam University and later went on to work in the retail industry. One of the first works of Jenny in the retail industry was at Misguided in 2017.

The older sister of John Stones is available on Instagram and shares several posts dedicated to her love for fashion.

John Stones Pictured With His Sister Jenny Stones During The 2022 World Cup Tournament In Qatar
John Stones Pictured With His Sister Jenny Stones During The 2022 World Cup Tournament In Qatar (Source: Instagram)

In the past, Jenny has also shared several photos with her brother and has dedicated posts of him winning trophies with his teammates at City. 

The older sister had traveled to Qatar last year to cheer for her brother and the English team in the 2022 World Cup.

And though she might have seen England lose yet another international tournament, she did see her brother put up some stellar performances. 

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