Johnny Archer Wife Melanie Is A Proud Mom Of Two

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Johnny Archer and his wife Melanie are the parents of two kids; a son and a daughter. The two are super proud of their lovely kids and guide them properly.

Famous pool player Johnny Archer tied the knot with his wife back in 2002. The two raised a son and daughter with much grace and care.

However, judging from Melanie’s Instagram posts it seems they have already separated. Among many of Melanie’s photos, Johnny doesn’t feature in even one.

Furthermore, she is seen in a cozy relationship with another man.

Professional Pool Player Johnny Archer
Professional Pool Player Johnny Archer (Source: Pool Dawg)

Johnny Archer is a 55-year-old professional pool player from Waycross, Georgia. The future champ started playing at the mere age of just 12.

Johnny was prominent in 9-ball, establishing himself as one of the most successful players of the game. Also, he earned the nickname, “the Scorpion” and won every tournament of his career at least once.

Furthermore, he gained legendary status when the Billiard Congress of America inducted him into the Hall of Fame. Likewise, because of his dominance in the 1990s, Billiard Digest named him the Player of the Decade.

The scorpion also used special Scorpion Cues during his career. They had intricate designs and were armor-protected with fiberglass.

Moreover, the two-time WPA World 9-ball champion is also a writer. He writes a monthly instruction column for Inside Pool Magazine. 

Meet Melanie: Ex-Wife of Johnny Archer

Melanie Wynn was married to Johnny Archer and the mother of his kids. 

Melanie is from North Carolina and also has experience in pool and used to play leagues like TAP and BCA. In addition to that, she frequently played in her uncle’s pool room at Raleigh.

The story of their meeting is indeed an exciting one. Melanie had just won a beauty pageant when her uncle and aunt invited her to sell tickets for a memorial tournament.

Melanie Archer
Melanie Archer (Source: Instagram)

The venue was Brass Tap Billiards and Johnny was there as a player. But what happened was since she didn’t know Johnny, Melanie asked him for tickets.

In her own words, she asked “Yeah right, pay up buddy!” He later said he was competing in the tournament. But the chemistry between the two sparked then and there.

Then they later met up for dinner and one thing led to another, they were already going on café and movie dates. Since Melanie used to play college soccer at the time they would often meet after her practice.

Moreover, Melanie continued her soccer life and later coached as well.  

Married Life And Kids

Johnny and Melanie dated for 2 whole years before finally putting a ring on it. They walked down the aisle in 2002 and welcomed their first kid 2 years later.

Talking about their marital relationship it can be presumed they are no longer together. Melanie is quite active on her Instagram but she hasn’t posted a single picture with Johnny.

On top of that, she seems to be in a relationship with another man.

The Archer Family
The Archer Family (Source: Billiard Buzz)

Lee Archer is their first son, he is 20-year old. He followed his mom’s lifestyle by getting into soccer. 

He is a huge soccer fan and also plays college soccer for Georgetown HOYAS. In regards to the pool, he did play a little in the BCA Jr. league.

On the other hand, LeeAnne is the youngest kid in the Archer household. She is 17-year old.

Like her brother, she also didn’t get into Billiards, instead, she is into gymnastics. Despite playing at home both the kids think it is too slow for their liking according to mom Melanie.

Moreover, Melanie is a very proud mother. She constantly posts about her kids on her Instagram.

And talking about Johnny he believes his wife and kids made his life complete and gave it a structure.


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