Johnny Eblen Net Worth 2024: Salary, Income & Career Earnings

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Johnny Eblen has an estimated net worth of $800,000. The Bellator middleweight champion Eblen recently was seen splashing $85,000 on Jessenia Rebecca.

Alongside training for his upcoming fight against Impa Kasanganay, the MMA fighter is also making sure to keep his girl happy. TMZ reported that Johnny dropped $30,000 at Alex The Jeweler’s shop, $25,000 at Dior, and another $30,000 at Louis Vuitton.

The Fighter Reportedly Made $150,000 After One Fight In 2023
The Fighter Reportedly Made $150,000 After One Fight In 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Bellator was bought out for less than $100 million by PFL in November last year. Now, Eblen will go against the PFL light heavyweight champion, whom he believes he can easily dominate. 

Eblen is yet to be defeated in his MMA career and is 14-0. The two fighters will meet at the PFL vs. Bellator Champions event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on February 24. 

Johnny Eblen Net Worth & Salary 

The MMA fighter Johnny Eblen reportedly has a net worth of $800,000. Previously, Eblen played under Bellator, but now the MMA promotion has been bought by another MMA promotion company, PFL.

Earlier this year, the MMAJunkie site revealed that Eblen was one of the highest-paid fighters on the roster. Johnny and Ryan Bader were each paid $150,000 for their respective wins.

Eblen received $150,000 after defeating Anatoly Tokov with a unanimous decision. If Eblen were a UFC fighter, he could’ve made closer to $400,000 depending on the viewers he would have pulled. 

And though Eblen is not a UFC fighter, he certainly has a lot of UFC fans wanting him to jump ships and join the biggest MMA promotion company. 

Previously, Michael Chandler had talked about the pay difference between Bellator and UFC. Chandler switched to UFC in 2020, having competed under Bellator for a decade.

Johnny Eblen Celebrates After Winning Against Fabian Edwards In September 2023
Johnny Eblen Celebrates After Winning Against Fabian Edwards In September 2023 (Source: Instagram)

In his interview, Chandler said his fight purse hasn’t changed significantly, but the opportunities he has received because of UFC have allowed him to make more money. 

Sean O’Malley also said similarly to Chandler in his interview with ESPN. O’Malley said, “I’m making millions of dollars outside the UFC right now because of the platform the UFC gives me.

I’ll probably fight two times this year, and I’ll make millions of dollars outside the UFC because of the UFC.”

So, we can agree that Eblen’s net worth will see a significant jump if he joins UFC. Recently, Eblen said he wanted to fight the UFC Middleweight Champion Dricus Du Plessis. 

This is a big hint from Eblen about his future plans and willingness to head into free agency. 

Johnny Eblen Talks About His Dark Past 

Recently, MMA Junkie interviewed the PFL/Bellator fighter before his fight against Impa Kasanganay. Eblen touched on the Bellator and PFL topic and said he doesn’t care much about it.

The Bellator middleweight champion sounded confident about his fight with Impa, saying he had already encountered fighters like him. He even added he had fought guys tougher than Impa.

During his interview, Johnny compared him to former MMA fighter Georges St-Pierre (GSP). But Johnny admitted he is a bit more reckless than the former UFC Champion.

He also said, unlike GSP, he likes to fight and the pressure doesn’t get to him, and he doesn’t like to think too much about being an undefeated champion. Eblen added it was more important for him to be a better person than winning fights. 

At the end of his interview, Eblen reflected on how far he had come in his life, from his partying days to becoming an MMA Champion. He said things could’ve gone south, and he probably would’ve been in jail or dead. 

The MMA fighter also said he was grateful for Steve Mocco and all the other coaches he met at the right time. 

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