Johnny Furphy Age & Wikipedia: Kansas Jayhawks Guard Height & Weight

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Johnny Furphy has already started making headlines in basketball at the age of just 19 years old.

Furphy started playing very young, and his family has significantly impacted his life choices.

Johnny Furphy In His Very First Photoshoot With Kansas
Johnny Furphy In His Very First Photoshoot With Kansas (Source: Instagram)

Johnny Furphy is a prodigy in basketball who rose to fame at a young age due to pure talent.

His play style is distinguished by aggressive attacking and executing with precision above the hoop.

Furphy’s rise to fame began at Basketball Australia’s Centre of Excellence (CoE), a prestigious development program held at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Furthermore, he qualified for the 2023 class and wowed audiences at NBA Academy events throughout the United States.

These events included the NBA Academy Games in Atlanta in July 2023. Furphy’s basketball skills aren’t the only thing that makes him unique.

He played Australian Football throughout high school, demonstrating his versatility and athleticism.

Furthermore, Furphy was ready to take on the pitch as an Australian football player if things had not worked out for him in basketball.

Johnny Furphy Age And Wikipedia 

Born on December 7, 2004, Johnny Furphy’s age is 19 years old. It is remarkable to see how skilled a person can be at such a young age. 

Currently, Johnny is a force to be reckoned with as he stands 6’9″ tall and weighs around 202 lbs.

His Family 

Johnny has athleticism in his genes, as most of his family members excel in one sport or the other.

His parents, Richard Furphy and Liza Alpers, instilled in him a love of sports that the entire Furphy family shares.

Richard is a former professional Australian football player. He shares the experience he has accumulated throughout the years with the family.

Richard also acts as a mentor for Johnny’s dream of becoming a pro-NBA star.

Liza, who has previously competed in diving and national-level competitions, has served as an inspiration to the whole family.

Johnny Furphy Celebrating After His Score
Johnny Furphy Celebrating After His Score (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Johnny’s siblings, Joe Furphy and Holly Furphy, continue the family’s tradition.

Additionally, Joe decided to follow in their father’s footsteps by pursuing a career in Australian football. He has recently signed a professional contract.

Meanwhile, Holly is no less in the athletic arena. She is currently a sophomore soccer player at Santa Clara.

The Youngster Johnny Furphy Destroys Oklahoma 

In recent Kansas Jayhawks games, Johnny Furphy has performed impressively. In the game against Oklahoma State, he had a career-high 15 points, just in the first half.

Furphy demonstrated his scoring abilities with three triples, adding heavily to the team’s 90-66 win.

His spirited performances, including two fast-break points early in the game, allowed the Jayhawks to take a dominating lead.

Furphy’s influence on the floor was noted by teammates, who compared him to a budding NBA star named Franz Wagner.

Johnny Furphy Leaping Onto The Air To Score
Johnny Furphy Leaping Onto The Air To Score (Source: Instagram)

Hunter Dickinson, a teammate, praised Furphy’s potential, saying he may be a future NBA lottery pick.

Furthermore, coach Bill Self commended Furphy’s defensive performance, referring to him as “a pro out there.”

Despite the praise, Self suggested that parallels to Wagner were premature, underlining Furphy’s need for more growth.

Overall, Johnny Furphy’s recent games have shown promise for the Kansas Jayhawks, highlighting his scoring skills, intensity on the floor, and the promise of future success.

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