Jon Kitna Wife Jennifer Kitna: Ethnicity And Religion

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Jon Kitna wife, Jennifer Kitna, is a loving wife of the former professional American football player.

Jennifer met Jon Kitna at Central Washington University, where they played in the Division II program.

Moreover, after graduation, they decided to go into teaching, but eventually, Jon went to NFL. 

Jon began his NFL career with the Seattle Seahawks as a backup quarterback in 1996.

Jon Kitna Former Football Player
Jon Kitna, Former Football Player (Source: Instagram)

He later played in the World League of American Football before returning to the Seahawks.

He then joined the Cincinnati Bengals and had successful seasons, including winning the NFL Comeback Player of the Year award in 2003.

During his NFL career, he played alongside exceptional players, including the former NFL quarterback Tony Romo.

On January 12, 2012, he was unfortunately compelled to make the difficult decision to retire from professional football due to an injury.

However, Jon did pursue a coaching career in 2012 and currently is coaching the Lakota East High School as a head coach.

Jon Kitna Wife Jennifer Kitna

Jennifer Kitna is the supportive wife of former NFL quarterback Jon Kitna. She has been by his side throughout his playing and coaching career.

Born to Charles “Chuck” Durrow and his wife, Jennifer grew up in Portland, Oregon.

Jon Kitna & Jennifer Kids
Jon Kitna & Jennifer Kids (Source: Instagram)

Jennifer’s grandmother, Rosemary Durrow, was intensely interested in her ancestry and was part of the freedom & civil rights fighters against slavery.

She grew up with her brother Tim in Portland, who is a realtor with an understanding of the local housing market.

Jennifer crossed paths with Jon Kitna during her graduate years at Central Washington University, leading to a blossoming relationship.

After spending considerable time dating, they joyfully exchanged vows and tied the knot on August 13, 1994.

How Many Does Jon Kitna & Jennifer Kitna Have?

Jon and Jeni Kitna have four biological children: Jordan, Jalen, Jada, and Jamison.

They also became legal guardians to Jon’s cousins, Chris and Casey Kjos, to provide them with better opportunities.

Therefore, Chris and Casey turned their lives around with the support of the Kitna family, working part-time and playing football in high school.

Jordan played quarterback for Colorado State University-Pueblo and is currently Offensive Coordinator at Lakota East High School.

Jon Kitna & Jennifer With Their Son Jalen
Jon Kitna & Jennifer With Their Son Jalen (Source: Florida Rival)

He has also followed his entrepreneurial instincts and is a Founder & Owner of QB Qorral, a family-owned quarterback training business.

Likewise, Jalen played for the University of Florida Gators and, in late Nov. 2022, was charged with some serious second-degree misdemeanor crimes, including child pornography.

After her involvement with the ASU football staff at Arizona State University, Jada their daughter is now pursuing a custom sneaker artist.

Last but not least, Jamison plays for his Lakota East high school football team and will graduate in 2025.

Uncovering The Essence: Jennifer Kitna Faith Journey

Jon and Jennifer are devoted believers in Christianity and their commitment to spreading the beliefs of Christianity.

Jon Kitna and his wife, Jennifer Kitna, participate in various Christian ministries and organizations.

Moreover, they have passed the same religious practices to their six kids (four biological & two with guardianship).

Jon Kitna Daughter Jada, On Her Wedding
Jon Kitna Daughter Jada, On Her Wedding (Source: Instagram)

As shown in her daughter Jada’s Instagram bio, she has a bible verse, “Phesians 3:20,” representing the quote, “God’s purposes are greater than ours.”

Moreover, Jada did a traditional Christian wedding on April 16, 2023, to LaDarius Henderson, illustrating her most sincere belief in Jesus.

The Kitnas are dedicated to serving their community and using their influence to impact the lives of others through their Christian beliefs positively.

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