Jonas Blixt Sister Caroline Blixt Is A Golf Entrepreneur

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Jonas Blixt sister Caroline Blixt is a golf entrepreneur with ten years of experience working in the golf industry.

Caroline and Jonas were born in Nassjo, but they were raised in Karlstad as their parents sifted there when they were young.

Growing up, Jonas made a name for himself in professional golf and has achieved great success in the sport.

Meanwhile, Caroline shares her brother’s love for golf and frequently plays golf, which she often shares on her Instagram posts.

Although she has yet to turn pro, Caroline has dedicated her life to golf and gaining experience through participation in smaller events.

Jonas Blixt During Game
Jonas Blixt During Game (Source: Instagram)

Jonas Blixt is a professional golfer from Sweden who began his professional golf career by participating in one Nationwide Tour event that season.

As he is currently competing on the PGA Tour, he has had notable success in his career and has won the PGA tour Three times.

Before his professional career, he played college golf at Florida State University and won four career collegiate events.

Jonas Blixt Sister Caroline Blixt

Caroline Blixt, the sister of professional golfer Jonas Blixt, shares a deep passion for golf, much like her brother.

Blixt has a strong interest in golf and actively participates in small golf events as an aspiring player.

Caroline was introduced to golf by her father at a young age, but she didn’t really like playing golf as she didn’t have anyone to play with during her childhood.

Instead, she dreamed of pursuing a career in professional indoor hockey. Unfortunately, she had to give up her dreams because of her back injury.

However, as she grew older, Caroline became determined to return to sports after recovering from her injury and began her golf journey in her twenties.

Caroline Is A Founder Of the ARAY Society

Caroline felt lonely while playing golf at a young age as she didn’t have a girlfriend on the tennis.

Because of her friendless experience, she later decided to start her own foundation to encourage and enhance female participation in the sport.

As she thought, most of the females can have the same problem.

Founder Of Arya Society, Caroline Blixt
Founder Of Arya Society, Caroline Blixt (Source: Instagram)

Her foundation, the ARAY Society, primarily focuses on female golfers and aims to connect them even if they are not in the same place or have different professions.

They aim to create a platform where women can connect, inspire, and educate each other about golf and life through engagement with various stakeholders in the golf industry.

Caroline’s love for golf and her desire to give back to the sport motivated her to establish this foundation to inspire more women to pursue their passion for golf and achieve success in the game.

Caroline Blixt’s Educational Background

Caroline holds a Master’s degree in Business, Management, and Marketing from Uppsala University.

Before that, she graduated from the University of Gothenburg with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Business Administration, and Management.

Caroline Blixt Playing Golf
Caroline Blixt Playing Golf (Source: Instagram)

Caroline is a female entrepreneur and has her own foundation.

She started her career as a golf travel guide at Kullenberg Golf, where she worked for over two years before transitioning to the role of Tournament Coordinator.

With her diverse job experiences, she later established her own foundation named the ARAY Society.

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