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The LSU Tigers baseball player Jordan Thompson is lucky to have his parents as his most incredible supporters.

Born to a family of athletes, Jordan became involved in the sport from an early age.

His dad, Troy, was a minor league player. Similarly, his mom and aunt were softball players in high school.

Their influence on young Jordan’s life had a significant part in increasing his interest in the game, but it was his older brother Mason’s baseball career that most inspired him.

LSU Tigers Infielder Jordan Thompson
LSU Tigers Infielder Jordan Thompson (Source: Pinterest)

Jordan’s parents often took him to the field when Mason played in the little league.

Besides, he remembers his parents taking him to the MLB games, and his favorite player at that time was Khalil Greene of the San Diego Padres.

Growing up in California, Jordan attended Helix High School, where he honed his baseball skills and worked on his weight as he was super thin.

In 2023, he led his team to their seventh national championship title as they beat the Florida Gators by 18-4 in the CWS. 

After the win, many think Jordan is ready for his professional league debut, but his parents want him to take more time and finish college. 

Jordan Thompson’s Parents & Family

The 2023 CWS champion Jordan Thompson was born on January 9, 2002, in San Diego, California.

Born as the youngest of two kids to his parents, he has an older brother Mason, who is about four years senior.

As mentioned above, Jordan’s family’s interest in baseball transcends over two generations.

His grandfathers on both sides of the family were baseball players in high school. His father and uncle played games at different levels, following in their footsteps.

Likewise, his mom, Joanna, and her younger sister were involved in softball.

Little Jordan Thompson With His Brother Mason
Little Jordan Thompson With His Brother Mason At Petco Park In 2004 (Source: The Advocate)

However, none of them participated at the professional level. Jordan, the most famous and youngest in the family, has aimed to go professional.

While still a young boy, he often went to the game with his older brother, Mason.

They began playing for the same team when Jordan was eight, and his brother was eleven. 

Despite being physically weak, Jordan impressed everyone because of his athleticism and game IQ.

Jordan’s only aim now is to make a better player out of himself and remain on the field as long as he wants.

His parents, too, know their son’s dream and will do anything to ensure he makes it to the big league.

The CWS Title Win Means Everything To Jordan

Before the 2023 CWS title wins, Jordan Thompson faced widespread criticism for his performance.

Although he played a crucial role in helping his team reach the CWS, his form mainly was in a slump afterward until Game 3 of the series finale against Florida.

LSU Baseball Team Celebrating Victory After The CWS Finale Victory
LSU Baseball Team Celebrating Victory After The CWS Finale Victory (Source: Twitter)

During Game 2, held in Omaha on Sunday, Thompson made two out of a total of 5 LSU errors, giving five runs to the opponent.

Speculators assumed coach Jay Johnson would replace Jordan in the next game.

However, Johnson kept faith in his most trusted shortstop and let him start in the last game. He did not commit any mistakes throughout the game and collected three RBIs.

The athlete became emotional and hugged his coach as the LSU crowd chanted his name after the win.

He later remarked that the championship win meant everything to him and was the most special day of his life.

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