6 Best Jordans For Wide Feets

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A well-designed shoe should comfort you and must relieve pain. A shoe that performs well keeps your feet fresh and comfortable all day.

Searching for shoes for the wide feet can definitely be a task. However, Jordan has a shoes line for people with wide feet. Check out the list in this article. See if you can any shoes that match your choice.

B-ball is a game where various players have enormous feet, so this is not an issue when you have Jordan shoes.

To find the right Jordan shoe for wide feet you will need information about the shoes. Every wide Jordan may not fit every foot, so you have to do proper results.

It requires a tad of earlier information and comprehension of what precisely to search for. With this rundown’s assistance, you shouldn’t rely on your folks for giving you those wide feet.

Finding the ideal wide feet pair can be an issue, particularly considering the curve uphold required. This article encourages you to locate the best jordans wide feet ball shoes.

In the article, we have made top-notch with the main 6 best jordans basketball shoes for wide feet.

What to Look for When Buying Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet?

When searching for a shoe that will fit well for wide feet, it is necessary to judge the material of each shoe. The material used in the shoes helps in determining the quality, and the quality determines the comfort level.

The sheer measure of sewed or woven material in these b-ball shoes is ideal for the wide foot. Engineered cowhide is not the best material to pick since it doesn’t stretch or form well with your foot.

Woven or weaved materials will oblige your wide foot pleasantly, BUT they may extend all in all too much which leaves you without the great help and frees you up to bent lower leg wounds!

We have attempted to locate the most amazing aspect of the two universes in our survey!

Another stunt is the only gander at the external sole of the shoe. If the sole of the shoe is bigger than normal sport shoes then you can consider trying that shoes.

Big sole shoes are perfect for wide feet, so may not have to try them every time you purchase them.  

This rundown will rank these shoes as indicated by the general nature of the shoe. If you were looking for simply a shoe that will fit easily, at that point you probably won’t have the best shoe for the court.

Those with wide feet in general will have flat feet which is why curve uphold is important in a shoe.

Additionally, foothold, lower leg uphold, style, cost, and weight should be considered when buying one of these sets of shoes.


1. Adidas NEO Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Wide

adidas Performance Men's Cloudfoam Ilation
adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation

At the first spot on our list of best ball shoes for wide feet is the Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation.

The Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation has some amazing highlights, yet it’s not free from drawback. On reading this article, you will get to know the best part and drawbacks of the shoes.

The good

If you have more extensive feet than normal feet, you’ll, without a doubt, fall in love with these shoes. From virtually every 5-star audit it appears they’re wide and impressive footwear.

They’re lighter than normal size, and the padding is superior to numerous more costly shoes. The herringbone foothold is very useful for a spending shoe, and it accompanies a lattice lower leg collar for ventilation.

Additionally, the cost is undeniably alluring, but on the other hand, that is an indication that there might be a few issues that make this not exactly the “wonderful shoe”.

The Bad

With a great value like this shoe sports, you know you’re in for some analysis, right? All things considered, here it is: These shoes are not the sturdiest on the planet and the outsole, just as the primary material or shell, has been known to lose trustworthiness.

The sole can strip from the primary shoe body, while a portion of the sewing has been known to tear on this model.

The review on Amazon says these have a cowhide upper, however, our examination reveals to us that is false.

The external shell is a manufactured composite cover and it’s not appallingly adaptable at that.


This is a magnificent choice if you fit the accompanying profile; You’re a b-ball player, however, you don’t play each day. You play possibly once per week or even less.

You may likewise be somebody who stands a ton during the day at work, and so on. You can spend money on these shoes if you have wide shoes.

You get that on the off chance that you use them for ball each week, you might be replacing them in 1-2 seasons (possibly, or perhaps they’ll last inconclusively). If that is you, at that point, these are your shoes!!

2. Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Wide Basketball Shoe

Ownthegame Basketball Shoe
Ownthegame Basketball Shoe

Adidas has made shoes with a gentler insole and outsole to help pad a heavier weight while simultaneously obliging a more extensive foot.

The OwnTheGame model isn’t normal for the principal Adidas on our rundown (the Cloudfoam Ilation) and it offers comparative highlights. How about we see what they are.

The good

The wide b-ball shoe is lighter than you might suspect by taking a gander at it and has enough highlights to legitimize its $60-ish sticker price. The OwnTheGame has:

  • A mid-top plan to amplify uphold while limiting superfluous
  • Manufactured lattice weave upper with impersonation cowhide composite for a quite nice lockdown and horizontal help characteristics
  • Customary ribbon plan so you don’t need to re-become familiar with another method of getting your shoes.
  • Pull tab to help in putting the shoe on
  • Cloud foam footbed with ortho characteristics to expand newness and
  • Lighter than
  • The perfect measure of flex
  • Adi wear outsole
  • Financial plan benevolent

 The bad

True to form, since it’s anything but a superior mark shoe, the low-value point deceives a lower development quality. However, you can give it a try if you like this shoe.

Feels modest and plays out somewhat, not exactly an exceptional wide b-ball shoe.


The padded sole cushioning and sufficient help highlights make this almost indistinguishable from the Illations and offer simply one more elective that a few players may discover more agreeable and sturdier.

3. Nike Men’s Zoom Devosion Basketball Shoe

Zoom Devosion
Zoom Devosion

The Nike Zoom Devosion makes our rundown since it’s made by all high quality material, NIKE! … and it’s constructed more like an exceptional shoe instead of a spending shoe.

It’s a pleasant-looking b-ball shoe for wide feet with bunches of tasteful highlights like complemented trim or funneling (more noticeable on certain shoes than others), outwardly engaging swoosh along the top/toe zone and a breathable cross-section upper with a good measure of horizontal help and assurance.

These shoes run consistent with the size and are constructed somewhat more significantly than some weave ball shoes.

With that harder form comes a normal sticker price, so these are a decent cost, yet an incredible worth.

This show has got 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and they particularly loved the great sidelong help while not being as prohibitive to a marginally more extensive foot.

The good

  • Conspicuous brand
  • All around constructed and undeniably sturdier (for life span) than a portion of our different proposals.
  • Tastefully designed for visual allure
  • Consistent with size
  • Extraordinary lower leg uphold.
  • Great sidelong help while considering more extensive

The bad

  • Somewhat heavier than the #1 and #2 alternatives on our rundown
  • Not a gigantic assortment of sizes


On the off chance that you appreciate great looks and have a normal financial plan, these might be for you.

They’ll certainly last more than our initial 2 suggestions, and if somewhat more weight doesn’t trouble you, these might be the ones!

4. Nike Men’s Lebron 17

Nike Men’s Lebron 17
Nike Men’s Lebron 17

The Lebron 17 offers the greatest impact point-max air so that or more in case you’re a major player (who presumably has more extensive than-customary feet!). The impact point has a settling clasp to keep your heel steady and secure.

It includes a wide collar and conventional tongue, which is ideal for the more extensive foot without any problem.

The sole highlights a forceful jewel design which is fine on hardwood if you wipe it with hand each couple of excursions down the court.

It’s not our best option for indoor hardwood serious play, however it’ll do the work.

The Lebron 17’s function admirably for a marginally more extensive foot since there is no forceful help (i.e., plastic trim) outwardly of the forefoot on one or the other side.

Strength is sufficient; however, the absence of a plastic settling strip takes into consideration an agreeable fit for a more extensive foot.

The lower leg uphold is very acceptable given the general load of the shoe. Generally, great help comes to the detriment of a heavier weight, yet this shoe has both incredible help and low weight! Great job Nike!

The good

  • Unmatched ventilation
  • Sensible footing
  • Great help – particularly thinking about the low

The bad

  • Less assurance and backing for horizontal developments on forefoot (yet that takes into consideration an agreeable fit for a more extensive foot too)
  • Not truly tough along the top and sides of the forefoot (no additional defensive highlights like composite or plastic insets or circuit overlays)


In case you’re searching for a wide-foot-accommodating model that is incredibly breathable and lightweight, the LeBron Zoom Witness is likely perfect for you!

5.  Adidas D Lillard Dame 3 Men’s Sneaker

D Lillard 3 Mens Basketball Sneakers
D Lillard 3 Mens Basketball Sneakers

The Dame 3’s from Adidas is venturing up to our choices in value somewhat (that is important for the explanation it’s not #1 on our rundown) and it fits the profile of a “financial plan” shoe which is additionally a mark shoe of Damian Lillard.

The highlights and characteristics of this shoe mirror the more exorbitant cost. We should see a few subtleties.

The footing is a multi-bearing bladed example which is certainly not normal, but rather quite sufficient! The consistent lattice shell of the shoe strong yet stretchable in spots where it should be!

There is a delicate material covering, and the entire shoe is incredibly breathable (at any rate contrasted with a year ago’s rendition of the D Lillard).

There’s a midfoot overlay that offers generally excellent parallel help while simultaneously offering various binding choices.

We do not know whether the different binding choices are a good thought or simply a contrivance, yet we’ll go with the principal alternative for the time being!

We like the Bounce padding framework found in this shoe in a way that is better than the Boost, and everything comes at a non-premium cost!

The Good

  • Very much evaluated for esteem
  • Novel mid-foot overlay for both horizontal help and different binding choices
  • Truly agreeable “bootie-style” lower leg collar

The Bad

  • Double the cost of a portion of our top proposals on this
  • May have highlights that are gimmickier than
  • Wide foot opening in the collar needs a forceful lockdown to keep the foot
  • If your foot is too wide, the mid-foot collar might be awkward and might be a major

Generally speaking

Notwithstanding the “awful” highlights, we like the shoe much more than we despise it. It has the looks and execution we appreciate without forfeiting anything Significant.

The cost is twice what you could pay for a wide shoe, but on the other hand, it’s about a portion of what you could pay too! Sort that one out!

6.  AND 1 Men’s Tai Chi Lx Sneaker

Men's Tai Chi Lx Sneaker
Men’s Tai Chi Lx Sneaker

The jury is out on whether we like the appearance of this shoe, yet it makes our rundown for a couple of reasons. We like the exemplary 100% calfskin; however, it may not be the #1 decision for a few.

Calfskin certainly adds weight, yet it additionally adjusts to your foot in a way that is better than fabricated materials, and if your foot is wide, that is EXACTLY what you need!

We like the 5 altogether different shading alternatives for the Tai Chi Lx, and however cowhide is a tiny bit less breathable, the cross-section tongue advances wind stream.

The EVA footbed gives you enough pad to not need to stress over effect injury too.

An exceptionally high normal rating on Amazon encouraged in our choice to remember these for our rundown, yet it’s not 100% clear on the off chance that they run consistent with size or a half size more modest (which implies in case you’re a size 11, you should arrange 11.5).

In any case, the merchandise exchange is fantastic, and you can generally have them inside a day or two, and you’ll unquestionably sort out the estimating.

The Good

  • Extremely cool retro old-fashioned look (if you like that)
  • Will extend (be adequately pliable) for wide feet since they are either all or generally calfskin uppers (contingent upon the colorway)
  • Great Price

The Bad

  • Not a very good padding framework
  • Maybe excessively cumbersome for a few.


On the off chance that you like and 1 shoe (and a ton of individuals do) and you appreciate old school glances in an advanced shoe with calfskin/nubuck/lattice and extraordinary likeness to your foot (that wide foot of yours), this might be the shoe for you.

One of the HUGE things we like about this shoe is that not normal for a ton of models on Amazon, there are still many sizes in most of the colorways still accessible so you will not be disillusioned that your size/shading is inaccessible.

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