Josh Daicos Girlfriend Annalise Dalins Is A Model

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Australian star Josh Daicos is in a relationship with model Annalise Dalins. Josh Daicos girlfriend, Annalise, is the first runner-up of the Miss Universe Australia 2022. 

Josh proudly shares pictures of him with Annalise on his Instagram. He refers to her as ”his better half.” 

rules footballer Josh
Rules Footballer Josh Daicos (Source: Pinterest) 

Josh Daicos is an Australian rules footballer who plays for the Collingwood Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL). He is the son of former Collingwood star Peter Daicos, aka Macedonian Marvel.

Josh was drafted by Collingwood as the 57th pick in the 2016 AFL Draft under the father-son rule. Before the draft, he used to play for the Oakleigh Chargers in the TAC Cup.

The 25 year-old played junior football with Bulleen-Templestowe and the Greythorn Falcons, both in the Yarra Junior Football League, as well as at Camberwell Grammar School.

Interestingly, his brother, Nick Daicos, is also a football player. Nick also played with Oakleigh Chargers and was selected by Collingwood as the 4th pick in the 2021 AFL draft under the father-son selection. 

Recently, both Daicos brothers signed a six-year contract extension with Collingwood. Josh’s contract is extended till 2030, and Nick’s till 2029. 

Josh Daicos Girlfriend, Annalise Dalins, Is A Model 

Josh Daicos is in a relationship with a 22-year-old model and first runner-up of the Miss Universe Australia 2022, Annalise Dalins. The two are often seen together in public functions. 

It seems like the couple has been dating since around 2021. However, there is no information online regarding how they met. 

Josh With His Girlfriend
Josh With His Girlfriend, Annalise (Source: Daily Mail)

Annalise Dalins was born in Australia but is a third-generation Latvian. She is fluent in the language of her ancestors. 

According to her LinkedIn, Dalins completed her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Marketing at Deakin University.

Her academic journey complements her professional experiences, which have spanned various aspects of the modeling and PR industries.

With an extensive modeling portfolio, Annalise has dedicated years to her craft. She spent 2 years as a model at Lenis Model Management and an impressive 4 years and 10 months at GIANT Management.

Her foray into the world of public relations led her to OneTwo Agency, where she initially interned and later excelled as an Account Coordinator. She worked for the company for a total of 8 months. 

One of her passions lies in advocating for mental health, particularly focusing on chronic stress. She is a firm believer in promoting natural, accessible, and positive habits that can empower individuals to enhance their mental well-being.

In 2022, Annalise Dalins took part in Miss Universe Australia and proudly secured the title of 1st Runner-Up. She courageously stepped out of her comfort zone after two years of pandemic restrictions, aiming to push herself.

Josh Daicos, being a supportive boyfriend, played a crucial role by encouraging her pursuit of the Miss Universe dream. He also gave her extra incentive to make her dream come true. Annalise openly praises Josh in her interviews. 

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