Josh Dobbs Parents Meme Explained: Pictures Viral On Reddit

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A new meme featuring the parents of Josh Dobbs was born when the camera captured their reactions.

This article will dive into the details of that meme and his parents’ background.

American Football Quarterback Joshua Dobbs
American Football Quarterback Joshua Dobbs (Source: Instagram)

Robert Joshua Dobbs, born January 26, 1995, plays as a quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL.

The Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Dobbs in the fourth round of the 2017 NFL Draft, which marked the start of his professional career.

Since then, the quarterback has played for the Steelers (2018, 2020) and Tennessee Titans (2022).

Before playing professionally, he played high school football for Alpharetta High School and college for the University of Tennessee.

Josh Dobbs Parents Meme Explained

After Ryan Tannehill declared himself unavailable for the remainder of the season due to an ankle injury, the Tennessee Titans turned to Joshua Dobbs in December 2022.

Dobbs then made his first start against the Cowboys. Unfortunately, it was a disappointing outing for his family and fans in the stands.

The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Titans 27-13 in the Week 17 matchup.

Josh Dobbs Parents Meme
Josh Dobbs Parents Meme (Source: Twitter)

Josh’s parents, Robert and Stephanie Dobbs, traveled over five hundred miles from Detroit to Nashville only to witness their son’s loss.

Fans had various reactions to the scenes captured at Nissan Stadium, some of which were somewhat humorous, considering Dobbs’ background in aerospace engineering and his impressive 4.0 GPA in college.

One Twitter user wrote,

“They are upset that he’s a QB in the NFL and not an astrophysicist or doctor.”

Parents, Robert & Stephanie Dobbs

The 28-year-old was born to parents Stephanie & Robert Dobbs in Georgia, United States.

Josh’s father, Robert, completed his master’s degree in business administration from the University of Mississippi.

Robert was previously the senior vice president at Wells Fargo.

Presently, he is the chief financial officer of the ASTROrdinary Dobbs Foundation.

Moreover, he is the executive board member of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce and a board member of Alpharetta High School.

Robert is active on Instagram with the username @robert.k.dobbs.1, where he posts pictures of his family on his social media account.

Joshua Dobbs With His Parents
Joshua Dobbs With His Parents (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Stephanie Stephanie has retired from her role as a regional manager in the corporate human resources department at United Parcel Service. 

Although she isn’t active on her social media account, her son and husband share photos on their respective profiles.

According to reports, Robert and Stephanie Dobbs have attended every one of their son’s football games throughout his career.

Stephanie has never missed a single athletic event, whereas Robert missed just three summer travel baseball games 12 years ago.

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