Josh Oduro Wife Caroline Oduro: Married Life & Kids

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The college basketball sensation Josh Oduro shares a tight-knit married life with his wife, and the couple is soon entering parenthood.

Josh Oduro is making waves in the amateur basketball scene, playing for Providence College.

Aside from the court, the young star has already started his marital life and is soon expecting to be a father.

College Basketball Player Josh Oduro
College Basketball Player Josh Oduro (Source: Instagram)

Josh Oduro is an American basketball player playing for Providence College in the forward position.

Additionally, Josh completed his undergraduate studies at George Mason University and joined Providence for a graduate certificate course.

At George Mason, he was a significant member of their basketball team. He was named the A-10 player of the week multiple times and contributed majorly to their success.

Additionally, he supports the Los Angeles Lakers, and Lebron James is his favorite basketball player.

Who Is Josh Oduro Wife?

The Providence College forward shares a stable married life with his wife, Caroline. Additionally, the couple exchanged wedding vows in June 2023 after sharing a loving relationship.

Josh conveyed the news of the marriage through his Instagram account. In a heartwarming post, he shared a wedding picture captioned by calling Caroline ‘Mrs. Oduro’.

Similarly, Caroline also posted pictures on her Instagram after the wedding. The couple share a strong bond of love and trust.

Subsequently, Josh has embraced the dual responsibilities of marital life and college athletics.

Josh Oduro And Wife Caroline Pictured After Their Wedding
Josh Oduro And Wife Caroline Pictured After Their Wedding (Source: Instagram)

Caroline stands as an unwavering pillar of support as Josh navigates the cut-throat nature of college sports.

Additionally, Josh owes much of his success as a college athlete to the invaluable support and encouragement provided by his loving wife.

Being a student-athlete is challenging due to the pressure of practice, games, and exams. Therefore, having a trustworthy partner always goes a long way.

Navigating the demands of rigorous practice schedules and academic responsibilities becomes more manageable for Josh with his wife’s unwavering support.

The couple forms a loving unit, balancing their professional career growth and personal lives.

The Pair Are Soon To Be Parents

The trajectory of their relationship is poised for a significant shift as the couple is anticipating the arrival of their first child.

Josh confirmed the news through Instagram, marking the start of an exciting new chapter in their lives. Additionally, he also revealed the gender of the child to be a boy.

“It’s a boy! Wifey and I are expecting a new member of the family This Valentine’s Day!”

Similarly, Caroline posted a picture of her baby bump on her Instagram. Marking her excitement about becoming a mother, she captioned the photo with, ‘It’s almost time.’.

Caroline Is Expecting To Be A Mother Soon
Caroline Is Expecting To Be A Mother Soon (Source: Instagram)

Following the announcement, the pair received congratulatory messages from their fans on social media. Through Josh’s athletic talents, he has won over many admirers on Instagram.

Undoubtedly, the couple is excited to enter their new role of parenthood. It is a new chapter in Josh’s life that juggles personal life responsibilities and college athletics.

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