Juan Soto Brother Elian Soto: Parents And Family

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A professional baseball outfielder Juan Soto’s brother, Elian Soto, recently joined the Washington Nationals as an International Free Agent.

Elian Soto agreed on a contract to play a minor league with the Washington Nationals, which included a signing bonus of $225,000.

Coming from a family with a strong baseball background, Elian has followed in the footsteps of his brother, who plays for the San Diego Padres.

Elian has also gained attention for his impressive skills, which he has showcased through his social media.

Juan Soto During Game
Juan Soto During Game (Source: Instagram)

Juan Jose Soto Pacheco, commonly known as Juan Soto, is a Dominican professional baseball outfielder currently playing for the San Diego Padres in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Born on October 25, 1998, Soto began his MLB career when he signed with the Washington Nationals as an international free agent in 2015.

However, he made his official MLB debut in 2018 at the age of 19, making him the youngest player to debut in the major leagues.

Throughout his career, Juan has achieved numerous awards, including World Series victories and being named an All-Star twice and All-MLB First Team twice.

Additionally, he has earned the Silver Slugger Award on three separate occasions.

Juan Soto Brother

Juan Soto’s younger brother, Elian Soto, is a talented third baseman and outfielder.

Born on January 10, 2006, Elian signed to play for Washington Nationals as a free agent in January 2023.

Elian reportedly bagged $225,000 in signing bonus as a part of a minor league contract with the Nationals.

Even before signing with the Nationals, Elian verbally agreed to join the organization as an international free agent when he became eligible.

This agreement emphasizes the Nationals’ keen interest in the talents of Elian and paves the way for his promising professional career with the team.

Elian Soto In Action During A Game
Elian Soto In Action During A Game (Source: Instagram)

Elian is already making waves in the world of baseball and has caught the eye of sports agent Scott Boras from the Boras Corporation, just like his brother Juan.

Despite his age, Elian has already proven himself to be an exceptional player with remarkable potential. 

In fact, Elian has already received offers from multiple teams who are eager to sign him due to his outstanding talent and potential.

He was even praised by Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who earned his second All-Star selection and placed 16th in American League MVP voting at 23 years old.

Elian Soto: Parents And Family

The Soto siblings were born in their hometown of Santo Domingo to their parents, Juan Jose Soto and Belkis Pacheco.

Their father, Juan Jose Soto Sr., played a pivotal role in teaching his sons the fundamentals of baseball.

Juan, who currently works as a salesman, was a passionate fan of baseball and even played as a catcher in the Santo Domingo local men’s league.

He shared his love for the sport with his sons and has been guiding them ever since.

Soto Family Celebrating Sister Natali's Birthday
Soto Family Celebrating Sister Natali’s Birthday (Source: Instagram)

From a young age, he dedicated countless hours to honing his son’s skills while spending time on empty fields practicing ground balls.

Today, Juan Sr proudly watches his MLB player son’s games from the front row, cheering them on.

Juan and Elian are not the only siblings in the family. They also have an older sister Natali Soto who is a professional makeup artist. 

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