Who Are Juder And Rochelle Stidham? Jarrett Stidham Parents

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Jarrett Stidham is once again making his parents proud as he is slated to start the Broncos’ regular-season home finale.

Stidham was a football star during his high school days at Stephenville High, Texas.

Moreover, Jarrett’s parents were one of his biggest supporters and motivators. He maintained a particularly close relationship with his mother.

The Auburn University Quarterback Jarrett Stidham
The Auburn University Quarterback Jarrett Stidham (Source: Instagram)

Jarrett Ryan Stidham was born in Corbin, Kentucky, on August 8, 1996. The family later relocated from Kentucky when Jarrett was nine years old.

Stidham initially committed to Texas Tech University to play college football after high school but later switched to Baylor University.

He made his debut in his first game against Kansas State. However, in his second game against Oklahoma, Stidham sustained a back injury in the first quarter but managed to stay in the game.

Following a scandal involving his head coach, Stidham announced his transfer from Baylor. Before transferring and playing for Auburn, he spent a semester at a community college.

Furthermore, the quarterback has played for teams such as the New England Patriots and the Las Vegas Raiders, and he is currently signed with the Denver Broncos.

Who Are The Parents Of Jarrett Stidham? Juder And Rochelle Stidham

Jarrett Stidham was born to parents Juder Stidham and Rochelle Stidham. Similarly, he is not the only child of his parents; he also has an elder brother named Juder IV.

In his childhood, Jarrett Stidham’s father, Juder, used to take him and his brother to watch the Wildcats play at Commonwealth Stadium.

Moreover, whenever Jarrett achieves anything, his father is always the proudest.

During an interview, his father proudly highlighted how, at age 5, his son could pick up a ball and throw it 20 yards, surpassing many kids who had to use two hands and couldn’t throw more than five yards.

Jarrett Stidham With His Mother Rochelle
Jarrett Stidham With His Mother Rochelle (Source: Instagram)

He eventually became the nation’s second-ranked dual-threat quarterback at Stephenville High.

Additionally, according to Jarrett, his grandfather used to run a car dealership during his time.

Jarrett maintains a close relationship with his parents, particularly with his mother.

However, he moved out of his mother’s house in 2014 for unknown reasons and began living with the Copeland family.

His Second Family: The Copelands

The Copelands, residing in Stephenville, Texas, were a working family with a blue-collar mentality.

Furthermore, the family comprises Matt Copeland and Katy Copeland, along with their three daughters, Kalen, Marin, and Larsen Copeland, aged 18, 16, and 10, respectively.

Similarly, the quarterback cherished the three girls like his siblings.

The Copelands used to provide financial support to Jarrett and also imparted a valuable life lesson to him.

Likewise, Matt Copeland says, “Jarrett is as much of our family as our girls.”

Jarrett And His Wife With The Copeland Family
Jarrett And His Wife With The Copeland Family (Source: Instagram)

Jarrett considers the Copelands great people and a blessing in his life.

When asked about his decision to move in with the Copelands, Jarrett stated, “I don’t want to get too in-depth, but they are as much family to me as anybody else.”

After many years in the sports world, the family still loves Jarrett like their brother and son, continuing to support him in his matches.

In addition to Jarrett, Matt and Katy share a close relationship with the quarterback’s wife.

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