Jules Leblanc Boyfriend: Who Is The Lucky Guy Of Former Gymnast?

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In a slip of tongue moment at her Paris vlogs, we accidentally found out about Jules Leblanc’s boyfriend. So who is this lucky guy? 

We don’t know if it was intentional or not, but Jules Blanc has revealed her boyfriend and given her fans an insight into how he is. 

Jules Leblanc Posing Infront Of A Mirror For Her Photoshoot
Jules Leblanc Posing Infront Of A Mirror For Her Photoshoot (Source: Instagram)

Julianna Grace LeBlanc, also known as Annie LeBlanc and Jules LeBlanc, is a YouTuber, actress, singer, and former gymnast from the United States.

In December 2018, Business Insider named her one of the “world’s most famous teenagers.”

She began appearing on the YouTube channel Bratayley when she was four years old and has since amassed a massive online following of her own.

LeBlanc began gymnastics classes at the age of two, and her family began broadcasting videos of her on the Internet when she was three. She was a gymnast until August 2017.

Blanc has nearly 10 million Instagram followers, 4.08 million YouTube subscribers, and 18.9 million TikTok followers.

Her TikTok won the hearts of millions around the world in 2018, earning her the Shorty Award for “Muser of the Year.”

LeBlanc first appeared on YouTube Red’s We Are Savvy before moving on to the Brat network.

She starred as Lex in the Nickelodeon buddy comedy series Side Hustle.

Jules Leblanc Boyfriend Reveal 

Do you know who has bagged “Boyfriend of the Year”? It’s everyone’s favorite vlogger Jules Leblanc. 

If you haven’t been keeping up with the pairs vlogs, you truly are missing out on a lot as the former gymnast is teasing her fans with snips of her boyfriend. 

While she is moving through the metro of Paris holding a bakery item, she says, “Boyfriend of the year got this.”

The ambers of this rumor were initially lit after the vlogger mistakenly took her boyfriend’s name, Will. 

She was quick to jump on it, acting embarrassed she asked her fans not to look him up. 

Jules Leblanc With Her Boyfriend Will Liner
Jules Leblanc With Her Boyfriend Will Liner (Source: Instagram)

Jules has also recently posted a series of pictures on her Instagram where she appears to be going on a fishing trip. 

We can see that she is romantically putting her head on top of the boy’s shoulder. 

However, fans seem to be rooting for her relationship and the approach she is taking with it.

One of them took to the comments saying, “Private but not a secret is the best way to gooo”.

On July 27, 2023, Jules posted on her Instagram, which was associated with the famous beauty brand Saint Lauren.

There Will Liner commented saying, “The heels 💙” he tried to remain subtle but was noticed by Jule’s fans. 

Will is a freelance photographer, and he is very talented in his line of work. 

Leblanc Parents Kicked Off Her Career 

The parents of Jules are Billy Leblanc and Katie Leblanc, who accidentally kick-started her career as an internet media personality. 

Her father, Billy LeBlanc, was born on the 14th of January, 1980. He has been a YouTube sensation who plays Mr. Forrester in the Brat universe.

Her mother, Katie, was born on July 23, 1980, in Oklahoma.

The couple met when Katie was working at a Blockbuster store. However, they later separated in late 2019. 

Jules Leblanc Parents Katie And Billy
Jules Leblanc’s Parents, Katie And Billy (Source: Instagram)

Billy currently has his own farm, where he raises pigs and chickens. He is very happy with his new partner Natalie Clark. 

They originally designed their channel, Acroanna, to showcase Jules’ gymnastics to friends and family.

The Bratayley channel began as a prank for Hayley, but it has since evolved into a family vlog channel.

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