Kamila Valieva Boyfriend: Who Is The Banned Skater Dating?

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The Russian athlete, Kamila Valieva, has no boyfriend and hasn’t been dating anyone. Valieva has kept her relationship status out of the public limelight but was previously linked with a pop star. 

Valieva, 17, was on top of the world before her appearance at the Beijing Winter Olympics. She arrived at the Winter Olympics as a heavy favorite, having won multiple golds and breaking records. 

Kamila Valieva Seen During  A Figure Skating Event In 2022
Kamila Valieva Seen During A Figure Skating Event In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

But on December 25, 2021, when her sample was tested, the teenager tested positive for trimetazidine. But she was still allowed to compete. The Russians won first place in the team event, but the medals weren’t handed out. 

It was the first time in Olympic history that medals were not awarded in a completed event. With Valieva banned, the US has now earned gold, Japan silver, but Russians will have the bronze. 

This has caused an uproar in the figure skating community, as many believe fourth-place finisher Canada deserves a place on the podium instead of Russia. 

Kamila Valieva Boyfriend: Who Is She Dating?

The 17-year-old figure skater Kamila Valieva has no boyfriend and is not seeing anyone currently. A famous personality in Russia, Valieva was previously linked with Russian pop singer Vanya Dmitrienko.

In February 2022, when Kamila arrived in Moscow after the Winter Olympics, she received a hero’s welcome. Despite the medals not being handed out and news of Kamila testing positive in full swing, the Russians seemed to ignore it. 

After arriving home, Kamila chose not to talk about the scandal and attended Vanya’s concert a few days later. Kamila later shared an Instagram story with Dmitrienko, making a peace sign. 

Vanya Dmitrienko (Center) Pictured At The Kamila's 16th Birthday Bash
Vanya Dmitrienko (Center) Pictured At The Kamila’s 16th Birthday Bash (Source: Instagram)

It should be noted that Kamila had previously hinted at being a Vanya fan. Previously, in an interview in 2018, she said she listened to his song Venus-Jupiter on repeat. 

On April 26, 2022, when Kamila turned 16, the birthday congratulations were in order, with Russian President Vladimir Putin meeting her and congratulating her in person. 

A day later, Kamila partied with Vanya and bloggers Sasha Ice and Artem Fedorchenko. Figure skaters Evgenia Medvedeva, Maurice Kvitelashvili, and Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva also attended the party.

At the party, Vanya presented Kamila with a teddy bear twice as long as the athlete. Kamila later shared a video of Vanya singing songs from his collection. 

A few months later, Kamila was featured in one of Vanya’s music videos. The music video for the song Power of Attraction has 1.9 million views on YouTube and shows Kamila daydreaming about dating the pop singer. 

But the two youngsters never confirmed their relationship. But to date, several fans keep on making their edits. 

Kamila Valieva Handed Four-Year Ban

Valieva was ordered to forfeit “any titles, awards, medals, profits, prizes, and appearance money” earned after her positive doping sample had been collected. 

The order came from a three-member arbitration panel at the Swiss-based Court of Arbitration for Sport. Valieva’s sample was taken on December 25, 2021. 

The Russian Youngster's Next Competition Will Be In 2026 In The Next Winter Olympics
The Russian Youngster’s Next Competition Will Be In 2026 In The Next Winter Olympics (Source: Instagram)

Kamila’s ban will be completed at the next Winter Olympics in Italy in 2026. The teenager claimed her failed drug test came after she mistakenly took a heart medication, trimetazidine.

Vaileva said she got hold of the medication as her grandfather was taking it. Despite Kamila testing positive before the games, she couldn’t be immediately ejected. 

She was cleared of her wrongdoing because she was a minor and therefore, a “protected person.” Russia has now been stripped of the first-place finish in the team event. 

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