Katie Miller Age And Wikipedia: Cole Kramer Fiance

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Cole Kramer fiance, Katie Miller, is a registered nurse, having graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2022. The young couple maintained a long-distance relationship for over a year, before being engaged last year in May.

The University of Minnesota’s QB Cole Kramer notched his first career start in Tuesday’s Quick Lane Bowl matchup against Bowling Green. But as much attention there was on Cole, there was even more attention on Katie.

Katie And Cole Maintained A Long Distance Relationship With Katie Taking Many Surprise Visits To Minnesota
Katie And Cole Maintained A Long Distance Relationship With Katie Taking Many Surprise Visits To Minnesota (Source: Instagram)

A few football fans noticed that the ESPN broadcast crew was giving too much attention to Miller and the couple’s impending marriage. After the Gophers won against the Bowling Green Falcons, Katie joined her future husband during his interview with Fox9’s Jim Rich.

Cole was ready to get on in his life but was pushed by his fiance to continue playing football. Miller mentioned in the interview that her persistence has now done wonders.

Katie Miller Age And Wikipedia: Get To Know Cole Kramer Fiance

Cole Kramer fiance, Katie Miller, age 22, hasn’t shied away from showing love for her soon-to-be husband. Miller has shared several romantic posts for the quarterback on her Instagram handle.

Kaite graduated from Grand Canyon University last year in December. She shared a post of her wearing the graduation stole and wrote a lengthy caption thanking the lord above for helping her reach her goal. 

Katie and Cole come from a religious background, which is evident from their Instagram posts. The soon-to-be Mrs. Kramer graduated with a nursing degree and became a registered nurse in February.

Katie Became A Registered Nurse Earlier This Year In February
Katie Became A Registered Nurse Earlier This Year In February (Source: Instagram)

She held the balloons with the words R and N and informed her followers that she would soon work as a Labor and Delivery nurse. Before enrolling at Grand Canyon University, Katie graduated from Chanhassen High School.

While at Chanhassen, Katie played soccer and was also part of the track team. Though she might have switched her soccer shoes for a stethoscope, Katie continues to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

On Instagram, Katie has shared snaps of her training in the gym, and on her TikTok handle, she posted a video working out with her fiance. It remains unknown whether Katie has a sibling, but it is believed that her mother is Laura Miller.

She has previously done a fun TikTok video with her mom, giving it the title “Coming home from college and feeling the need to spill every ounce of tea to your mom.”

Cole Kramer And Katie Miller Relationship Timeline

The love birds Cole and Katie went public with their relationship on Easter in 2021. The two shared the same snap on their social media handle, declaring their love for each other.

The young couple continued to share several romantic posts, with one of the trips being to Lake Minnetonka with their friends. Katie captioned the post, “Got all I need.”

Cole And Katie Shared Their First Photo On Easter In 2021
Cole And Katie Shared Their First Photo On Easter In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

Cole and Katie had to go past the hurdle of managing time for each other as they lived 1000 miles away. They maintained a long-distance relationship, and Katie previously shared a TikTok video in 2022 of her flying from Arizona to Minnesota to surprise her boyfriend.

Last year, in January, the couple celebrated their first anniversary. Cole shared a gallery of images of their romantic outings and wrote a sweet caption for his girlfriend. 

Katie And Cole Announce Their Engagement

Four months after celebrating their first anniversary, Cole decided Katie was the one for him. The quarterback went down on one knee as he proposed the love of his life. 

Katie captioned the post, “You are the boy I have prayed for since I was young, and now I get to love you till I am old.”

“Only God could have done this, and I will be thanking him for the rest of my life. I cannot wait to be your wife,” Katie wrote. Katie has shared several TikTok videos from her engagement day. 

In one of the videos, she could be seen resting on Cole’s arm as she titled the video, “That one time I started WWIII because he would not hang with me. But he was actually buying my engagement ring.”

Cole Proposed To Katie Last Year In May During His Trip To Arizona
Cole Proposed To Katie Last Year In May During His Trip To Arizona (Source: Instagram)

One of the engagement videos even received one million views. The video shows Katie immediately sending her picture with the ring to her best friend, not knowing that she was already waiting for Katie in her family’s home.

The young couple has adopted a dog, a Chiweenie breed, whom they have named Tito. In her TikTok video, Katie shared that Cole was against buying a small dog, but the football player had accepted him as their son. 

Recently, the couple shared a family photo with Tito on Christmas. Katie captioned the post, “Merry Christmas from the (soon to be) Kramer fam.” Katie and Cole are going to walk down the aisle in February 2024. 

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