Keeta Vaccaro Net Worth Amid Divorce Rumor: How Much Will She Get In Settlement?

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Keeta Vaccaro husband’s net worth is in the millions, but is it the same for her? Keeta walked down the aisle with the NFL player in November, but divorce rumors are already making the rounds.

The Dolphins wide receiver has denied he and Keeta are getting divorced. South Florida Sun Sentinel published an article with court documents that show the wide receiver had filed for divorce from Keeta, whom he married in November 2023. 

Keeta Tied The Knot With Hill In November And Has Been Slowly Building A Strong Portfolio Of Her Own
Keeta Tied The Knot With Hill In November And Has Been Slowly Building A Strong Portfolio Of Her Own (Source: Instagram)

The petition says Hill and Vaccaro do not have any kids and that Vaccaro isn’t pregnant. Vaccaro has kept her lips shut and hasn’t shared any posts about the divorce rumors.

Her last post on Instagram is that of her and Tyreek, wishing her followers Happy Holidays. Since last year, Keeta has ventured into various businesses, and it looks like she is trying to create a financial strong portfolio of her own. 

Tyreek Hill Wife, Keeta Vaccaro Net Worth

Keeta Vaccaro’s personal net worth is probably in six figures and not somewhere in the millions. One of her major sources of income is her company, Own Flow, which she established in 2022.

Keeta established the company to share her knowledge about the benefits of yoga and pilates with others.

On the company website, Keeta has shared that she chose the name Own Flow because it is what she truly wants others to feel when they come and partake in this journey at her studio.

Previously, Keeta would share exercise videos and healthy meals on the company’s Instagram page. But since June 2023, there hasn’t been any activity on the page.  

Keeta Has Previously Shared Videos Of Her Exercising In Her Studio
Keeta Has Previously Shared Videos Of Her Exercising In Her Studio (Source: Instagram)

She wanted to raise $500,000 for her studio as financial support, but it doesn’t look like the goal was reached. Before establishing the fitness company, Keeta had also established a clothing brand called OWN. 

The brand sells activewear, wearables and accessories. But even that company hasn’t been very active recently. Like many, Keeta seems to have invested in an AI company recently. 

On her Instagram bio, Keeta has shared a link to the company Current Sea. The company defines itself as an effortless way for creators and brands to connect. 

Last year, People reported that Keeta had invested in the company named Investaccess and is its co-founder. It looks like Keeta wants to make herself financially independent and not depend on her famous spouse for her needs. 

Keeta Vaccaro Divorce Rumors With Tyreek Hill: How Much Will She Get In Settlement?

Keeta and Tyreek began dating in 2020, and a year later, they were engaged. The NFL player proposed to his girlfriend on July 4, 2021, during a party they had organized. 

Vaccaro said the proposal was a complete surprise to her. Hill had boasted that the ring had more diamonds than his Super Bowl ring. He also joked that he made sure it was the biggest rock in the house. 

After more than two years of engagement, on November 8, 2023, Tyreek and Keeta tied the knot in Travis County, Texas. The ceremony happened during the Dolphins’ bye, with Tyreek having only one week free during the NFL season. 

The Couple Was Engaged One Year After They Began Dating
The Couple Was Engaged One Year After They Began Dating (Source: Instagram)

But on January 23, Sun Sentinel reported that the wide receiver had filed for divorce from his wife less than three months after their wedding ceremony.

Sun Sentinel reported that Hill’s Fort-Lauderdale-based family law attorney filed the petition in Broward County court. Soon after the news hit the internet, Tyreek hopped on his social media handle, saying he did not file a divorce petition. 

Hill wrote, “Boy no the heck, we didn’t, so don’t put that in the air !!! We are happily married and gone stay that way.”

Amount From Divorce Settlement

But if Tyreek and Keeta get divorced, will that mean Keeta will get half of what Tyreek owns?

Divorce settlements do not work that way. In 2022, when Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen separated, their combined $733 million net worth was on the line.

It was reported that their “Iron Clad” prenup that they had done before their wedding in 2009 helped fasten the process. If Tyreek and Keeta have done prenup, then that will be a great help for them. 

During divorce settlements, the assets are divided into marital and separate property. The marital property is divided among the spouses, whereas separate property remains with the partner who had acquired it before the marriage or after separation. 

The court may also award alimony if one spouse depends financially on the other. As per Texas law, if one wants to get spousal maintenance, then the length of marriage also plays a vital role. 

Generally, maintenance can only be awarded if the marriage has lasted ten years or more. Under Texas law, it is also important for a spouse to prove they have made an effort to earn their income. 

So, the NFL star and his wife will probably have to go through a hectic process if they want to settle their divorce. Hill is already paying $13,500 monthly in child support to Crystal Espinal for three children. 

Last year, Tyreek also had three women claiming he was the father of their children. He received paternity suits from two women, and they are seeking child support from the wide receiver. 

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