Kelly Oubre Jr Ethnicity: Where Is The NBA Player From?

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Kelly Oubre Jr is of African-American ethnicity. Both his parents are black and the player hails from the southern state of Louisiana.

When we hear the term flashy, Kelly Oubre Jr is the first athlete to pop up in mind. Along with his appearance, his gameplay is equally attractive as well.

Moreover, today, we will be talking about the athlete’s roots. Where is he from and what is his heritage?

NBA Athlete Kelly Oubre Jr In New 76ers Strips
NBA Athlete Kelly Oubre Jr In New 76ers Strips (Source: Instagram)

Kelly Oubre Jr is a 28-year-old professional basketball player who has been in the NBA since 2015. He is a diverse player and can play the role of both shooting guard and power forward.

His journey began at the University of Kansas where he played for just one season. The talented youngster then went on to become a part of the NBA.

The Atlanta Hawks drafted him in the first round but then traded him to the Wizards. Over the years he has played for the Wizards, Suns, Warriors, and the Hornets.

Moreover, since 2023, Kelly has been part of the 76ers franchise. Despite being one of the best talents the forward/guard is yet to explode properly.

Kelly Oubre Jr: His Ethnicity And Roots

Diving into his personal history, Kelly is a man of African-American ethnicity. His parents Kelly Oubre Sr and Tonya Coleman are hardworking people with African ancestry.

Where Is He From?

If we look back at the past of the NBA player we see he did not have a relatively safe childhood.

Kelly Oubre Jr was born in the southern part of the USA, New Orleans in the heart of Louisiana. In particular, he lived in a housing project with his family, called the Magnolia public housing project.

Moreover, the star athlete does not come from a sufficient childhood. Kelly had to keep moving and attended several schools in his childhood.

Young Kelly
Young Kelly (Source: BR)

Nonetheless, he didn’t forgo his basketball side and played for teams such as Hynes Charter School and Milne Boys Home. 

Eventually, he had to move to Texas with his family due to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Oubres settled in Richmond where Kelly continued his education and basketball at George Bush High School.

Furthermore, for his senior year, Kelly moved to Henderson, Nevada where he played for the famous Findlay Prep.

Meet Kelly Oubre Sr.

The new member of the Philadelphia 76ers is very close with his father, Kelly Sr. He has been a part of his son’s life in regards to management and co.

Kelly Oubre Sr is a business major from the University of Phoenix and is an active member of the athlete’s career.

Moreover, before all this, he was an operational specialist at the USA Postal Service. Then, after his son’s early career, he turned his focus to management.

Kelly Oubre Senior And Junior
Kelly Oubre Senior And Junior (Source: ESPN)

The senior Kelly formed KO and Company which is still in function. It is a family-run sports management company specializing in business consultation.

In addition, Kelly Oubre Sr is also the president of BeastDevelopMental, a company focusing on individual player consulting, team consulting, and parental consulting.

With his son focused on the game, Kelly Sr is making his way through with business.

Mother Tonya Coleman

Kelly Jr’s father and mother are already on separate paths. They divorced way back.

We do not know much about her mother Tonya, as she avoids the spotlight.









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