Kenneth Gainwell Brothers Curtis And Kory Are His Inspiration

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Kenneth Gainwell and his brothers, Curtis and Kory, grew up as Eagles fans. So. it meant a world for Kenneth when they drafted him in 2021.

The Eagles running back, Kenneth Gainwell, has suffered several family tragedies. He lost four of his family members in 2020 during the pandemic.  

Kenneth Gainwell Has Become A Vital Part Of The Phillies Squad Since Joining In 2021
Kenneth Gainwell Has Become A Vital Part Of The Phillies Squad Since Joining In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

At age 13, the footballer saw his brother Curtis’ dream of becoming a football player end. During that difficult phase, the siblings supported each other. 

Since joining the Eagles in 2021, Kenneth has already become a starter in his position. Last season, Kenneth became one of the NFL’s best short-yardage backs and has impressed the fans and coaches with his performances. 

Gainwell had a solid performance against the New England Patriots in Week 1 but had to stay out in Week 2 against the Vikings due to a rib injury. But he isn’t the only Eagles player dealing with injuries. 

Reed Blankenship and James Bradberry were the two other starters who were ruled out from facing the Vikings. And despite this, the Eagles emerged victorious with a 34-28 scoreline. 

Kenneth Gainwell Brothers, Curtis, And Kory

Kenneth Gainwell’s brothers, Curtis and Kory Gainwell, have taken to the football field at some point in their lives. But Curtis’ career stopped in 2013. 

The oldest of three kids, Curtis Gainwell, suffered a stroke and a serious brain bleed while working out at the University of Southern Mississippi. Curtis underwent four separate lifesaving surgeries in under 24 hours.

He had to learn to walk and speak after the incident, and nine years after the incident, Curtis is still half paralyzed. He moves at a slow pace and can lift his arm only a couple of inches. 

Curtis Gainwell Poses For The Camera As He Uploads The Picture To His Social Media Handle
Curtis Gainwell Poses For The Camera As He Uploads The Picture To His Social Media Handle (Source: Instagram)

In an interview with the Inquirer, Curtis said he went into depression and would cry every single day. He would look at his two brothers training and practicing on the football field and regretted knowing he couldn’t play anymore.

But Curtis didn’t lose hope. In 2019, Curtis returned to school and attended Hinds Community College. He completed journalism courses and received a certification in television and radio production. 

Curtis worked with the school’s TV station, WHUC News 7, and became an inspiring figure to his little brothers. Curtis is available on Instagram and has shared several family photos.

In an interview, Kenneth said, “What he has gone through, what he has had to deal with, has only made me work harder. I am playing for both of us.”

Kory Gainwell Plays For Delta State University

The youngest member of the Gainwell family, Kory Gainwell, had committed to the University of Memphis in 2020. 

But after opting out in his freshman year, Kory transferred to Delta State University. Though it’s not known when Kory will rejoin his football team, he had a stellar career in high school.

A Yazoo County High School graduate, Kory Gainwell, posted 1000-yard rushing seasons in his final two years at Yazoo County and collected ten touchdowns in his senior season.

Unlike his brothers, Kory has opted to stay away from social media, and though he has an Instagram account, he has kept his handle private. 

Kenneth Gainwell Parents, Curtis Sr, And Monica Gainwell 

Kenneth Gainwell’s parents, Curtis Sr and Monica Gainwell, raised three athletic boys in Yazoo County, Mississippi. 

Gainwell grew up in the countryside in Yazoo County, and for his family, farming chores were a daily part of their lives. Kenneth and his family lived only a few miles away from Fletcher Cox. 

Cox is Kenny’s cousin and his teammate with the Eagles. During the conversation with the Inquirer, Cox and Gainwell spoke about their dissatisfaction with Yazoo being named the worst city to live in America. 

Kenneth Gainwell Pictured With His Mom, Monica During A Game, And Dad, Curtis Sr, Doing Farming Chores
Kenneth Gainwell Pictured With His Mom, Monica, During A Game, And Dad, Curtis Sr, Doing Farming Chores (Source: Instagram)

They didn’t agree with the ranking but admitted many of their childhood friends had succumbed to alcohol, drugs, complacency, and crime.

The running back opted out of the 2020 football season, stating he didn’t want to expose his family to the coronavirus. Curtis Sr said he was allowing his son to make his own decisions.

Gainwell lost four family members due to the virus, including his uncle, who frequented his games. Curtis Sr said his son took the loss hard and chose to stay away from any contact.  

Kenneth’s decision to opt out of the 2020 season didn’t affect his footballing career too much. He was selected a year later by the Eagles in the fifth round and has become a vital part of the team. 

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