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Kevin Lee’s son, Kenzo Lee, turned seven months old on June 21. Kevin shared the exciting news of the birth of his first child on Instagram in November 2022.

A first-time father, Kevin had kept the details about his baby mama a private affair. He also hasn’t given any hints about his current dating life and hasn’t been seen with any romantic partner. 

Kevin Lee Celebrates After Winning Against Diego Sanchez In EFC46
Kevin Lee Celebrates After Winning Against Diego Sanchez In EFC46 (Source: Instagram)

The UFC fighter returned to his old stomping ground earlier this year in February. In 2021, he bid goodbye to Dana White’s UFC to join Eagle FC and signed a four-fight contract. But only fought his first match against Diego Sanchez before returning to the UFC. 

The Motown Phenom will fight his first UFC match since his return on July 1 against Rinat Fakhretdinov. Lee’s last two UFC fights have ended in losses, so it’ll be interesting to see whether the Phenom can break free from his losing streak.

Kevin Lee Son, Kenzo Lee

Kevin Lee’s son, Kenzo Lee, was born on November 21, 2022. The UFC fighter announced to his Instagram followers a day later, showing about the birth of his first child. 

The Michigan native might have revealed the birth of his child but has kept the identity of his baby mama a secret. Lee captioned the post, “Alhamdulillah god is the greatest my life will never be the same the best day of my life 11.21.22.”

Kevin Lee Dresses Up HIs Son Kenzo In Christmas Outfit As He Celebrates His First Christmas As A Father
Kevin Lee Dresses Up His Son Kenzo In Christmas Outfit As He Celebrates His First Christmas As A Father (Source: Instagram)

A month after Kenzo’s birth, Kevin shared a photo of his cute son wearing a Christmas outfit. The UFC fighter celebrated his first Christmas as a dad with his son and shared a few pictures of him in a red beanie. 

Earlier this year, in April, Kevin and Kenzo had a father-son bonding as they visited the Miami beach. The post came on the day of Eid, with Kevin wishing all his followers a blessed year.

Lee converted to Islam in 2021 and only publicly shared about his conversion in January 2023. He shared the news on Twitter and thanked everyone for their supportive messages.

Kevin Lee Family 

Kevin Lee comes from a family of non-athletes. In an interview, Lee even said he wasn’t into sports until 15 or 16. 

Growing up in Detriot, Michigan, Lee’s family moved from one house to another. He didn’t have a stable upbringing and grew up in crime-ridden neighborhoods. 

Kevin Lee Pictured With His Mom Cassandra Lee In 2017
Kevin Lee Pictured With His Mom, Cassandra Lee. In 2017 (Source: YouTube)

And though his environment wasn’t the best, Lee tried his best to stay away from all the notorious stuff happening around him. Speaking to the official UFC channel, Lee said his dad used to be and still is a Mike Tyson fan, and the first major sport he ever played had been UFC.

He did play basketball but didn’t have much interest in it. He also was a fan of Floy Mayweather growing up. Previously, Lee’s mom, Cassandra Lee, gave a rare interview alongside him in 2017. 

Cassandra said her son supported the family ever since he gained fame as a UFC fighter. He would hand out gifts to his cousins and other family members. Cassandra added she was always hands-on with Kevin.

She said, “I might not look strict, but I don’t play around with him. I tell him how proud I am of him, all day and every day.” 

Kevin Lee Brother, Keith Lee 

Kevin Lee wasn’t the only child of his parents. He has a sister and two brothers, and one of them is his little brother Keith. Like his older brother, Keith is an MMA fighter but is more popular for his TikTok videos.  

Keith is four years younger than his brother and stands at 5ft 9. He is yet to make his UFC debut and currently fights in Bellator. 

Keith Lee Pictured With His Wife And Two Kids Earlier This Year
Keith Lee Pictured With His Wife And Two Kids Earlier This Year (Source: Instagram)

The younger brother made his fight debut in 2017 against Tony Laramie in TKO 37, which ended in a loss. He went on to make his Bellator debut in 2020 against Shawn Bunch and won the fight. 

His brother was in his corner during the fight and rooted for his brother, who had a dominant performance. Keith’s last fight was on September 3, 2022, against Jeremiah Labiano, ending up in his favor by a split decision.

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