Keyonte George Parents: Mother Kristen George & Father

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Keyonte George Parents: Keyonte George, born on November 7, 2003, in Lewisville, Texas, is a rising basketball star with a unique journey and a promising future.

Raised by his mother, Kristen George, alongside his stepbrother and stepsister, Keyonte has embraced his passion for basketball and family.

Growing up, he was influenced by his grandfather, a former football player, and indulged in football during his childhood.

Despite maintaining a private stance on his social media, Keyonte openly expresses admiration for basketball icon Russell Westbrook.

Keyonte George With His Mother Kristen
Keyonte George With His Mother Kristen (Source: Facebook)

Beyond the court, he excelled academically during his school years, particularly in math, with a penchant for algebra.

Interestingly, he envisions a potential career as a scientist once his basketball journey concludes.

During his leisure time, Keyonte enjoys watching SpongeBob SquarePants and cites “Love and Basketball” as his favorite movie.

Off the court, he shares a close bond with his best friend, Anthony Black, a basketball enthusiast who often spends quality time together at each other’s homes.

With a multifaceted personality and a promising career ahead, Keyonte George exemplifies a young talent with a diverse set of interests and aspirations beyond the basketball arena.

Keyonte George Parents: Mother Kristen George & Father

Kristen George is an accomplished individual working as a Product Development Manager at Caliber Home Loans.

Possessing a rich background in financial services marketing, Kristen earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Paul Quinn College in 2008.

Kristen has built an impressive career trajectory with a diverse skill set encompassing secondary marketing, loan servicing, mortgage servicing, customer service, banking, and sales.

Kristen George With Her Son Keyonte
Kristen George With Her Son Keyonte (Source: Facebook)

Her professional journey includes a six-year tenure as a Mortgage Professional at Nationstar Mortgage from 2008 to 2014, followed by a two-year stint in secondary marketing at Stearns Lending from 2014 to 2017.

Subsequently, she served as a content specialist for Optimal Blue.

Kristen George Relationship With Her Son

In her personal life, Kristen is the devoted and supportive mother of Keyonte George, the rising NBA sensation.

Keyonte, who initially played football before transitioning to basketball, garnered acclaim during his high school years at Lewisville High School and later at the iSchool of Lewisville.

Notably, he clinched the District 6-6A Offensive Player of the Year title and secured a gold medal at the 2021 FIBA 3*3 Under-18 World Cup.

Kristen, aged around 35, has been a constant source of motivation and support for Keyonte, actively attending and cheering for his games.

When Keyonte achieved the NCCA national championship, Kristen was there to share in the joy. Beyond the court, Keyonte has spoken highly of his mother as a great role model.

Kristen’s engagement extends to social media, where she frequently shares updates about her son’s achievements.

She goes by @Kristen George on Facebook, and on Instagram, her username is @mrskrys10, offering glimpses into the proud moments and milestones in Keyonte’s burgeoning basketball career.


Regrettably, there is a dearth of information available about Keyonte George’s father.

In an interview with Pro Sight, Keyonte mentioned that his father has entered into a remarriage, providing limited insight into his current family dynamics.

Beyond this acknowledgment, no additional details or specifics about Keyonte’s father are currently accessible.

The privacy surrounding Keyonte’s family life is evident, with a deliberate choice to keep certain aspects away from the public eye.

As Keyonte focuses on his burgeoning basketball career and academic pursuits, details about his father remain undisclosed, respecting the family’s desire for a level of confidentiality.

Keyonte George Parents | Net Worth

As of 2023, Keyonte George’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $1 million, reflecting the burgeoning success of his basketball career.

The Utah Jazz recognized George’s talent and selected him as the sixteenth overall pick in the 2023 NBA draft.

Securing a significant milestone in his career, Keyonte inked a substantial contract with the Utah Jazz—a 4-year deal valued at $18.81 million.

This lucrative agreement includes a guaranteed sum of $18.81 million, establishing an annual average salary of $4.70 million.

Keyonte George With NBA Commissioner Adam Silver
Keyonte George With NBA Commissioner Adam Silver (Source: Instagram)

In the 2023-24 season, George is set to earn a base salary of $3.88 million, reflecting both his talent and the team’s investment in his promising future.

The contractual details illustrate the commitment made by the Utah Jazz to harness Keyonte’s potential, further solidifying his position as a rising star in the NBA.

Keyonte’s NBA journey kicked off on October 25, 2023, with a noteworthy debut against the Sacramento Kings.

Despite the team’s 114–130 loss, George showcased his skills by contributing eight points, two rebounds, and two assists off the bench.

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