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Kiara Morrison is the wife of the NBA Star DeMar DeRozan, a small forward for the Chicago Bulls. Morrison is a fashion icon and is estimated to have a net worth of around $700k as of 2024.

With her captivating aura, tall, gorgeous, and stunning, Kiara Morrison is the one to watch out for.

Apart from media attention, Mrs. DeRozan’s social media, especially Instagram’s number, hiked up significantly. Since then, she has been entertaining her fans with her funny posts and fashionista moments.

Kiara Morrison, Wife of NBA Player DeMar DeRozan
Kiara Morrison, Wife of NBA Player DeMar DeRozan (Source: Instagram)

However, many can not help but search just who Kiara Morrison is. They want to know the life she led before marrying the star shooting guard and her other activities.

Hence, in today’s article, we have prepared all there is to know about this dashing diva.

Quick Facts

Full Name Kiara Morrison
Birth Date January 18, 1988
Birth Place Compton, California, USA
Now known as  Kiara
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Education University of South Carolina
Horoscope Capricorn
Father’s Name Keith Morrison
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings A sister
Age 36 Years Old
Height 5’11″/1.80 m/180 cm
Weight 70 kg/154 lb.
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Profession Social Media Personality
Marital Status Married
Husband DeMar DeRozan
Children Two
Net Worth $700k
Famous As  Wife of DeMar DeRozan
Residence Tarzana, California
Social Media Instagram
Merch of DeMar DeRozan Jersey, Posters
Last Update May 2024

Early Life, Parents, And Education

The beautiful lady, Kiara Morrison, was born in Compton, California, to her parents Keith Morrison and her mother, whose name is unknown. She is an American citizen, and as for her ethnicity, Morrison is half-Filipino and half-Black.

Her father, Keith, is a former professional basketball player. He played for the Philippine Basketball Association for the Alaska Team in the late 1980s.

Originally called the Alaska Milkmen, the team is now recognized as the Alaska Aces. As their name suggests, they are indeed owned by Alaska Milk Corporation, which makes milk products in the Philippines.

Kiara Morrison
Kiara Morrison Looking Stunning (Source: Instagram)

Her father was also a member of Alaska’s inaugural season, back in 1986, who helped his team reach the All-Filipino Conference and Open Conference’s quarterfinals.

Some sources claim that Morrison’s parents met while her father was still serving in the army.

Along with her parents, Morrison grew up with her sister Courtney Jaco. Aside from her name, other details about her are not available.

Moving on, Morrison enrolled at the University of South Carolina after finishing high school. The daughter of a basketball player, Kiara also had a passion for the sport.

Age And Appearances

Among the many celebrity wives, Kiara has built a considerable fanbase, thanks to her entertaining posts and fashion sense. 

Kiara was born in the year 1988, making her 36 years old as of 2024.

Her sun sign happens to be Capricorn and the people under this sign are known for being smart, competitive, and intelligent.

Other than that, the 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters) tall Kiara used to play basketball in her college days.

Aside from that, she has long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Kiara And DeMar Went To The Same College

Kiara, best known as the wife of DeMar DeRozan, is a diva in all aspects. From supporting her father to now her husband, Kiara has always been loyal to her relationships.

Not to mention, Kiara and DeMar have been together since college. The two lovebirds met at the University of Southern California in 2009.

Because of their passion for basketball, the two clicked instantly and started dating.

Eventually in 2013, the two soon took their relationship to the next level and finally got engaged, after being together for four years.

DeMar And Kiara With Their Daughter
DeMar And Kiara With Their Daughter (Source:

Morrison never backs down from speaking the truth and replying to the comments on the articles about her husband.

Talking with SportsNet back in 2012, she said, “I read what’s written about him and I just want to go on all the blogs or whatever and write, ‘You have no idea what you’re talking about.”

But she also told how her husband is not exactly thrilled about the activity.

She added, “He’s always telling me, ‘Why do you bother reading that junk?’ he’ll say he doesn’t, but he sees that stuff. It fuels him. He needs to be pushed and he shows up when he’s challenged.”

Time and again, Kiara has shown her support for DeRozan. When DeRozan went to the Philippines to represent the NBA, Kiara followed her husband to show her support.

Kiara And DeMar’s On-And-Off Relationship, Are They Together?

Like every other relationship, Kiara and DeMar also faced many troubles in their relationships. Even though they are still together, they have had some problems in the past.

Back in 2017/2018, the couple was reported to have broken up, shocking their fans. However, Kiara later denied the news on her Instagram post. Then the two were spotted in public, which further confirmed her statement.


Per different online sources, Kiara and DeMar tied the knot in a secret event around 2020, but there is no any actual confirmation. As of 2024, Morrison is a mother of three beautiful children, but her Instagram suggests something different. We will talk about it later in the article.

With the NBA star, DeMar DeRozan, welcomed their first child, Diar DeRozan, in 2013.

After three years, the couple gave birth to their second child, Mari DeRozan, in 2016. It was right after DeMar won the gold medal with the USA Team at the Summer Olympic games held in Rio De Janeiro.

Kiara Morrison With Her Daughters
Kiara Morrison With Her Daughters (Source: Instagram)

In 2022, the pair welcomed their third child, whose name is still not known.

And now, the story about her Instagram, from what we have witnessed from her Instagram, we can see four children in every post.

Her three daughters, we know about but the fourth child? We need to wait a little longer since no information is available about that child. We will update you as soon as there is any information regarding the fourth child.

Kiara Morrison Interesting Facts

1. Her passion for basketball started at a very young age

Assuming Kiara’s father was a known basketball player, she must have acquired her love for the game from her father.

Throughout her high school time, she was very enthusiastic about the game and played for the high school team.

She recorded 7.9 points, 8 bounds, and 0.6 assists per game in her high school basketball career. Kiara played basketball in college and even became the women’s team manager.

2. How Kiara and DeMar met

The duo met in 2009 during DeMar’s only period at the University of Southern California.

DeMar was a member of the USC Trojans, and they met right after one of his matches.

They talked about the game and areas where the team could have done fine. DeMar was overwhelmed by Kiara’s wisdom and love for the game, so they went on a couple of dates before dating each other.

DeMar was drafted into the NBA that same year, and they have been together since then.

3. Kiara could qualify for a model with her height and physique

Running through Kiara’s social media, it is certain that she is a fashion freak.

For someone who already has 3 kids, she has a toned physique. She also has a majestic height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters).

4. Kiara is a Sports Freak

She has portrayed herself as a sports devotee, which could not be more apt. She is plagued with the sport and is seen shouting out during matches that she watches live.

5. Kiara has a large fan base on social media

Aside from being linked to DeMar, social media, especially Instagram, has allowed Kiara to be well known.

On her Instagram, she regularly shares pictures of herself and her lovely girls. One can tell from the pictures and posts she shares that she is amusing to hang out with.

Net Worth And Real Estate

While Kiara is a known name within the basketball fandom, her work and profession are still unknown. However, she is seen promoting different fashion brands on her socials.

Different online sources claim that the fashion diva has an estimated net worth of around $700k as of 2024.

Besides, Morrison enjoys the earnings of her husband, DeMar DeRozan. As of 2024, he has an estimated net worth of $80 million.

DeMar With His Mother And Daughters
DeMar With His Mother And Daughters (Source: USC Athletics)

Between June 2017 and June 2018, the small forward made around $32 million from salary and endorsements.

In the 2022-23 season, DeMar is estimated to earn around $27 million, tolling his career earnings to around $230 million.

In September 2014, DeMar bought an estate in Tarzana, California, for $3.75 million. The 6,609-square-foot mansion consists of seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

Furthermore, it has a kitchen with a double island, distressed wooden floors, a laundry room, living room, fireplace to keep the place warm, an office, and a large formal dining area.

Social Media Presence

Kiara is very much active on her social media and frequently posts pictures of herself with her daughter and her in designer outfits.

You can find her on Instagram under the handle @ki_mo.

Instagram: 18.3k Followers


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Morrison is famous as the wife of the NBA star, DeMar DeRozan, and is also popular as a fashion icon.

Kiara Morrison's Popularity Graph
Kiara Morrison’s Popularity Graph (Source: Google Trends)

The above graph gives brief information about the popularity of Kiara Morrison based on Google searches in the United States over a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does DeMar DeRozan have a baby?

DeMar DeRozan and Kiara Morrison have three daughters together. Besides, DeMar is also rumored to have fathered several kids with other women.

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